Compulsion for Hate

I’m hungry and I need to feed.  I’m thirsty and I need a drink.  I’m idle and I need to act.  The life of the successful psychopath is full of frustration; we know that there are lines that cannot be crossed no matter how compelled we feel to drive further.  God knows I want to bludgeon someone out of a combination of boredom and / or hate.  Devil knows I need a drink, that all too familiar numbness has been gone for far too long.  I want to lash out, and I want to destroy.  I know that I can’t.  I don’t know that I won’t, though.

Compulsion is a powerful thing.  It can break the mightiest of steadfast thoughts and restraint.  I am compelled to destroy.  I can’t say for certain whether all psychopaths share in this compulsion.  I am not merely antisocial, I am opposed to the social order that is in place.  Combine that with intellectual anger and hatred toward the status quo and you have a ticking time bomb.  What can be done about this, though?  Should I be taken out of the game before I’ve had a chance to act one way or another?  Many think so.  Ultimately, my actions will dictate my freedom and or oppression.

I hunger but can’t feed.  I thirst but can’t drink.  I’m idle and can’t act.  This is my sentence.  If I want to remain in the good graces of the powers that be, I simply have no choice.  I may be amoral, but I cannot deny that I am chaotic.  Driven by logic, except when I’m not, it seems logical to placate my wants and desires.  In the meantime, I count down the days until I expire, knowing that this life cannot reach full potential.  The potential for destruction is a potential for self-destruction.  That is a price I cannot pay.  I’ve got a compulsion for hate, but I alone am the one with the finger on the trigger.

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  1. FNP says

    Better comment here about how, in general, it’s the neurotypicals that are compelled to hate that which they disagree with or don’t like, rather than psychopaths.

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