Violence Sells

Violence sells well these days.  We sit glued to our televisions and to our theater chairs watching the latest and greatest dismemberment or murder.  Violent books line the shelves of our bookstores and violent headlines are front and center on our newspapers.  We live in an age in which all are expected to stay riveted to such sensationalism.  And, you know what, it works.  Violent images are made for violent minds.

Everyone wants to consume such imagery.  News programs no longer cover anything with the same detail that they do violent crime.  We want to hear about the latest gorefests and destructive tendencies of others.  But, we tell ourselves, we would never contribute to such.  Such is a lie.  Everyone commits violence on a daily basis, it just may not be physical in nature.  Conservative fundamentalists enslave the homosexuals; the homosexuals enslave the bisexuals.  Transgender individuals throw pity parties to ensure that their voices are loudest and that all others are irrelevant.  All in all, violence does sell because it is what we are born to do.  Ultimately we are all individuals seeking to enslave those around us and not even the most progressive person is exempt from such desire.

The lack of action is violence in and of itself.  Active enslavement and torture of others is violence.  Harm is harm.  No one is safe from the violence of others and no one can rise above our innate tendency to subjugate those around us.  Yet, individuals band together in order to ensure that some forms of violence are societally mandated.  The death penalty, the silencing of conservative voices, and the destruction of the atheist by those same conservatives are all examples.  Everyone, left or right, queer or heteronormative, cisgender or otherwise, is not a victim but a catalyst.  The currency of the world is violence and as with any currency, those that have the most come out on top.

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