I wrote recently about how many faux psychopaths seek to erase their uniqueness in order to blend in with the antisocial crowd.  While such a thought process is ultimately flawed, it does play to neurotypical biases.  Antisocials recognize the uniqueness of each individual who is psychopathic or otherwise antisocial while the neurotypical seeks to paint us as replicas of a master prototype.  They do not want to admit that the psychopath can just as easily attempt to walk a prosocial path as they can a dark and disturbed one.   It ruins the narrative to find out that some psychopaths are not abusers, not murderers, not delusional, so on and so forth.  In the neurotypical’s echo chamber, these voices add up and paint us all as one.

My therapist often reminds me, whether I require it or not, that I am not an automaton.  I have free will and I choose to make use of such.  I am not condemned to walk any path that society believes I must.  I need not be a monster and I need not be a saint.  I simply am.  I am not alone.  I’ve talked with innumerable antisocials these past two years and I have found others that struggle with the same fight that I do; they struggle to be recognized as human rather than beast.  That said, I’ve also communicated with those that are bloodthirsty and one step away from prison.  The antisocial realm is a continuum, not a single point.  But, this ruins the narrative.

I do not delude myself that my words will change the minds of many.  They are entrenched.  However, for the intellectual reader, I ask the following.  If psychopathy (and the antisocial condition as a whole), is a continuum, then how can any point on that line be considered as a projection for the mass?  How can we all be replicas when we dance around some “average” that represents our kind?  How can we be cookie cutter clones when we have our free will?  Damning the mass for the actions of a subset is dishonest. Condemning the whole as one is immoral.  I am no copy.  I am unique, and so are so many of us.  We do not have model numbers etched into our sides.


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  1. mel says

    The answer is this: All personality types have markers. Personality traits/disorders are characterized by distinct behavioral patterns. Personality disordered, or not, behavior defines every human being because we all have the ability to chose how we act and behave. Emotionally healthy minded people don’t like being used, exploited, lied to and manipulated and therefore purposely learn about psychopaths to avoid them. A psychopath would typically respond by saying “everybody uses people.” “everybody lies,” “everybody is self-serving,” “everybody exploits.” Psychopaths say things like this because they typically need to assign blame (another psychopathic trait) rather than own tendencies. Psychopaths don’t have the range of emotion to feel the impact their behavior has on others. Callous indifference (another psychopath marker) is why psychopaths are able to do what they do. I am sorry Ms. Kelly, but this post sounds like a “pity play” also consistent with psychopathic behavior. To be “liked,” all a psychopath needs to do is choose to change their behavior and behave better.

    With regard to your statement: “Faux psychopaths seek to erase their uniqueness in order to blend in with the antisocial crowd. While such a thought process is ultimately flawed, it does play to neurotypical biases.” I’ll offer this analogy: While a gazillion zebras have graced this planet, all have distinct stripes that makes each one unique. In spite of their unique markings, you always know when you are looking at a zebra. The difficult aspect in all of this is that psychopaths, due to shallow emotions and belief in their superiority, can not understand how healthy minded people think. This puts psychopaths at a disadvantage because while they are human, they are limited, unable to speak & understand the language most humans understand. Therein lies the rub.

    • Jessica Kelly says

      Then what logical difference, for instance, is there between the psychopath clamoring for acceptance and the homosexual seeking the same? Both have innate properties that cannot be changed and both are feared by a large portion of the population. I’m trying to understand how these are not equivalent. A similar argument has been given to deny homosexuals rights: “respect my heteronormativity and I’ll respect you.” Is it not the responsibility of the fringe to speak up?

      • says

        Being homossexual doesn’t harm anyone. Now, if psychopaths behave fairly harmlessly, then I also fail to see any difference behound the obvious (for instance, psychopathy is an ilness, homossexuality isn’t). But psychopaths, do not behave in that manner. Now, it’s not their fault that they are psychopaths. Healthy people shouldn’t hate them because of something they didn’t ask for.

      • mel says

        Jessica – I agree with ladybrains: It all comes down to how a psychopaths chooses to behave. Homosexuals don’t by virtue of their existence view people as objects and thereby feel it’s their inherent right to “play” god with people. Homosexuals aren’t inherently self centered and believe themselves to be superior to all others. Homosexuals love and feel empathy, psychopaths don’t. People don’t like psychopaths because of how they chose to behave. Like I said, if psychopaths don’t like not being liked, change the behavior. It’s nonsensical to accept and respect someone who behaves badly. Homosexuals threaten a certain population because of sex, psychopaths threaten the entire population because of their reckless intolerance, arrogance and need to inflict pain on others for pure enjoyment. Psychopaths know when they are doing something wrong, but they don’t care and do it anyway. Your comparison is like apples and oranges.

        • says

          An important destinction: there’s a difference between accepting a person (whith her/his own mindset, emotions, etc.) and accepting that person’s harmful behaviour. Solution: health professionals help them manage their desease.

      • mel says

        I don’t think psychopaths hate us, so much as they hate how they can no longer use us if we bolt before our expiration date (All prey has a shelf life). Psychopaths like to decide our fate, not the other way around. Psychopaths hate it when they are discovered. It means they lost power and control. They hate how they can no longer play god with our lives and bend us to suit their every whim to alleviate their incessant boredom. They can’t hate us because we are simply objects to them. Ultimately, it’s boredom Psychopaths hate. They hate it because it never ends, which means it can never be controlled. Boredom means they will hate forever.

    • FNP says

      Your typing leads me to believe you’re an angry kid. This automatically disqualifies you from having ASPD or being psychopathic, as both require you to be 18+.

  2. Jessica Kelly says

    To latest comment by mel:

    Once again that is invoking the all as one fallacy. Your argument could be extended to schizophrenics as many of them are violent, but we’ve decided as a society that such is unacceptable.

    • says

      Jessica, I don’t think society accepts violent behaviours be it from psychopaths or otherwise – but perhaps this is due to living in a different country.

    • mel says

      To Jessica. The reason psychopaths are disliked can never be compared to the injustices suffered by those who have be persecuted due to race, gender or sexual orientation. It just isn’t the same thing. Are you trying to make this argument fit, to satisfy the psychopathic “pity-play?” Also, schizophrenics are not in complete control of their mental faculties, psychopaths are. Schizophrenics are not deliberate in all of their actions, or misdeeds. A schizophrenic’s mind splits. a psychopath’s mind does not. Schizophrenics do not deliberately lie, cheat, manipulate, defraud for amusement, ego and self gratification, but psychopaths do. Schizophrenics do not believe themselves to be better than everyone else, but psychopaths do.

      Schizophrenics, homosexuals, Holocaust victims and any other oppressed group are not disliked and disrespected because of their behavior, like the psychopath, but rather due to bigotry and ignorance. The psychopath elects his or her behavior and therefore suffers the consequence that results from it. Jessica – It’s really simple: If you don’t like the reaction, change the behavior. Don’t hurt people and people will like you. I promise. : )

      Psychopaths know what they do….. and they choose to do it anyway.

        • mel says

          NO. The Jewish people NEVER manipulated, lied to, cheated the Germans. The Jews were targeted because Hitler (psychopath) needed a scapegoat for his torment. It’s unfathomable how you could make such a correlation! Your opinion is insulting and very embarrassing and shows your entitlement, arrogance and sense of superiority. Give a psychopath enough rope and his grandiosity will hang him.

          • FNP says

            It doesn’t matter if the argument used by the Nazis was true or not. It’s still the same argument they used. You are using psychopaths as a scapegoat for all the bad things that happen in the world, just as the Nazis used the Jews. You’ve shown nothing but bigotry against psychopaths and ignorance of what psychopaths are really like throughout the comments here.

  3. Jessica Kelly says

    I’m saying at a group level, not the individual level. Place stigma on individuals that behave badly, not groups. How is this any different than condemning all of Islam for the actions of a subset?

    • says

      Jessica, if you’re diagnosed with psychopathy, certain behavioural manifestations must be present. Now, it should be given the benefit of the doubt, because, like I said, they may change behaviours.

    • mel says

      There is no stigma with being psychopathic and even if there was a stigma attached, a psychopath couldn’t care less. There is also no stigma given to people in prison. People just don’t like the incarcerated because of what they have done. People who behave badly will not be tolerated, liked or respected. Why is this so hard for you to understand? I am imagining you can’t due to the superiority issue?

        • mel says

          FNP – I understand it’s difficult for you to follow the dots. Phew, perhaps Jessica’s therapist can help to make sense of this circular conversation: so typical of psychopath behavior…. over and out.

          • FNP says

            The dots are that NTs have a double standard when it comes to things. If an NT does something bad, it’s just them doing something bad. If a psychopath does something bad, they’re a monster and should be treated as such.

            Also there’s the dot where you can’t separate your ideas of psychopaths as a group from actual facts about psychopaths, let alone being able to separate a group of people from an individual.

            Thus, you resort to ad hominem attacks against me because you can’t prove your point without them.

      • FNP says

        NT commits murder, court rules it crime of passion, NT is out in 5 with good behavior.

        Psychopath commits murder, court rules it premeditated, psychopath gets life unless state has death penalty.

        No stigma at all here. Definitely not.

        • mel says

          FNP – You really are going to talk about the “stigma” amongst murderers? You are talking about murderers!
          Ok, then let’s talk murderers: A normal person commits a murder and it’s called a crime of passion because of emotion. This said person, because he/she has the capacity to feel, then also has the ability to feel remise, guilt etc. Such emotions are the pathway to learning and not committing the same crime again and again.
          However, in the case of a psychopath, who commits murder, the psychopath can not feel remorse or guilt and feels entitled to have taken the life he/ she took. Psychopaths also can not learn from their mistakes and are likely to feel entitled to commit the same mistake over and over and over again.
          FNP, your agreement is weak. The psychopath deserves a harsher sentence due to the associated pathology. This has absolutely nothing to do with stigma.

          • FNP says

            So what about those murderers that aren’t psychopaths and repeatedly kill and still get minimum sentences? Psychopaths never get the minimum sentence for any crime.

            NTs should get a harsher punishment since they have the ingrained moral code and the empathy.

          • mel says

            FNP – your insane dialogue and weird justifications ( that make no sense) is why psychopaths get more severe sentences in prison. You are scary and you just don’t get it. Just please understand that the reaction you get from normal people is due to your weird and uncivilized self serving behavior. Everyone who reads this blog gets a better glimpse of the disordered psychopathic mind which has no ability to reason, due to your arrogance and superiority complex.

          • FNP says

            So it’s logical that people who know full well what they are doing and that it’s a horrible crime should get a lighter punishment than those who don’t necessarily realize this? Also, what weird and uncivilized behavior do I do?

            I vote in every election (which most people don’t, NT or otherwise). I volunteer at a couple different charity organizations. I’m an Eagle Scout. I also teach kids about art once a week.

            If this is behavior indicative of weird and uncivilized people, what is normal behavior?

  4. mel says

    Jessica – You went from comparing psychopaths to Homosexuals, schizophrenics and now Islamic subsets. Haha. Ok, now I see you are having a bit of fun with us.

  5. andrew says

    The irony is that there is essentially no emotional reason to do things. The joke is that emotions are just a rationalization people use to commit acts that are reprehensible. It is a dishonest joke that is bought hook line and sinker by the courts and the most people, who have forgotten the social pretence that they live daily.
    The pretense that you are not responsible for your own actions, and are actually more likely to do them again.
    If anything, one would say a criminal psychopath is more stupid for using instrumental crime and ending up in the justice system. He gets punished for his stupidity and for not playing the irresponsibility game, and for engaging in such a thing as a sorry state of engaging in criminal acts and not repudating them and actually following through.

    And for the sake of the overly emotional people, double standards are an injustice. Strong emotions are no reason to do injustice.

    And to conclude, propaganda works. Psychologists have been trying to build a conformist world, and found a “psychopath” in the way. So now the “psychopath” is to be found in the general public and removed in any way possible. When you have succeded in deluding people into denying others equal rights, for any reason, consider that the propaganda campaign has succeeded. For that, I have to, with disgusting respect, thank the psychologists and psychiatrists for contributing to a world gone mad with distrust. Thank you

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