Eternal War

There is something so powerful about dehumanization.  Nations often use dehumanization to turn the gaze of the public elsewhere, anywhere but toward the realm of empathy for the enemy.  The horrid image that I lead this post with is a reminder of the bigotry and hatred that can arise as a result of dehumanization.  We are taught that our enemies are less than human, and as such, unworthy of empathy, compassion, or understanding.  Animals are beings that are less than human, worthy of hunting, killing, and devouring.  We lose no sleep over the fate of the fly on the wall, do we?

We see such dehumanization applied to psychopaths all of the time and without consideration for the actual alignment of individuals.  We are called “snakes”, “wolves”, “spiders”, and any number of other animals that are not considered wholesome for human beings.  We are called inhuman and soulless, and all of these comparisons are made without the consideration that on an individual level we are fighting for the same thing that all other human beings fight for: survival.  However, we are assumed to be unworthy of such a desire, such a basic human need.  Our enemies point to the unsuccessful psychopath and attempt to lump the rest of us in with them, and they succeed as there is no pity for those that are inhuman – be it true or otherwise.

History will continue to repeat itself.  Every generation tells themselves that they will abandon the hatred and the bigotry of the generation before, but they end up merely finding new targets.  We see this with the black resistance to homosexual rights.  We see this with Israeli disdain for Palestinians, and we certainly see this with all groups toward the psychopath.  It is an eternal war and one that the psychopath will never win.  However, this results in the irony that the psychopath remains with the moral high ground, something the neurotypical clamors for but can never have with their hate.

Into the Pit


  1. Miss x says

    I hear you, but how can you demand empathy and ask to not be dehumanized when you lack empathy and dehumanize all and use them as objects? This is another example of psychopathic double standards. If you want respect, you have to give respect. If you want not to be dehumanized, then don’t dehumanize. I believe this issue has more to do with control. Psychopaths hate losing control and being dehumanized is the epitome of loss of control. I don’t think you really care what people think about you. To be dehumanized is really about having no power.

        • FNP says

          Dehumanization occurs when a group of people see themselves as better somehow (typically morally). It then proceeds to become the source of the most immoral and vile acts ever committed.

    • FNP says

      How can neurotypicals demand that everyone have empathy and turn around and dehumanize anybody that isn’t like them, regardless of empathy level? Your argument turns into a failure when you replace psychopath with neurotypical. Neurotypicals are the ones that feel hate, whereas psychopaths are egalitarian in dismissing people.

        • FNP says

          Except hate is a purely non-psychopathic trait. It’s impossible to hate something unless it threatens your sense of equality and/or status. Can’t hate an ant for being an ant, so why would a psychopath hate a neurotypical for being a neurotypical?

          • says

            So you say that psychopaths do not hate NT’s, that this is exclusively an Nt trait. Really?

            «Why do we hate the empath? Are we inherently supposed to?» Soo… Does he hates?
            Kelly says that not “necessarily”. And it’s hard to believe (without any evidence) that there’s no psychopath who hates NT’s for being different than them.


            But by now, I think it serves no good purpose this discussion about “whom is better than who”. I don’t hate psychopaths for being psychopaths – hating the ill/handicapped for being ill or handicapped is just dumb. So, bottom line, it has nothing to do with me. Bye.

          • FNP says

            Can’t dehumanize a group without hating them for being that group. Psychopaths don’t dehumanize neurotypicals though, we just ignore that other people are intrinsically special.

          • says

            “Psychopaths don’t dehumanize neurotypicals though” – Again, if you wanna speak for yourself, fine. You can’t speak for the rest. As for dehumanizing/hating, as I said, I don’t do that.

  2. Miss x says

    Evil, soulless, snake etc. are really words used to describe the personality of the psychopath and not really words to dehumanize. If psychopaths were truly dehumanized they would not be allowed to hold public office, be considered celebrities etc. I believe that psychopaths could be uncomfortable now that they are viewed as what they really are. The beholder now sees through the mask which gives us ultimate control and psychopaths don’t like that. It prevents psychopaths from the role as puppet-master. Dehumanizing someone means taking away someones rights. Psychopaths enjoy the same rights we have, they just lost the ability to keep shifting the goal posts and changing the rules of the game. Psychopaths don’t like a level playing field.

    • FNP says

      And neurotypicals love an even playing field? Neurotypicals tend to be the ones in power because psychopaths can’t typically be bothered to put in the effort. Psychopaths get the short end of many different sticks though, especially in regards to criminal activities and receiving harsher punishments purely for being psychopaths.

      • Miss x says

        Yes typically neurotypicals do. When a neurotypical engages with a psychopath the playing field is never even because the psychopath, by nature, always lies. I am not talking about “white lies,” I am talking about significant lies: portraying a false self, (because psychopaths wear personas) and encouraging people to fall in love with them when they have no intention of reciprocating the emotions they are encouraging. This behavior is unethical. It’s unethical to lead someone on for the soul purpose of having your self serving needs met. i.e. alleviating boredom. For this reason, psychopaths are not trusted and are disliked. If a psychopath can’t “be bothered to put in the effort,” then don’t. Don’t lie, don’t manipulate and don’t wear a false mask (all of this requires effort). I can not say psychopaths are dehumanized, people just don’t like them due to their extreme arrogance, selfishness and dishonesty. Psychopaths are getting what they give. In the case of dehumanization, a person’s rights are taken due to discrimination and due to circumstances that are beyond their control – no fault of their own. Psychopaths simply have a reputation due to consistent behavior patterns. And, re you last point: most psychopaths are not incarcerated and not getting the short end of anything. An even playing field = integrity, authenticity and respect. I really hope this isn’t coming off as harsh. I just don’t think you can apply dehumanization to psychopaths.

        • FNP says

          I don’t know about you, but where I come from, 77% incarceration rate = most. If you can’t apply dehumanization to psychopaths, that means you already dehumanized us before you started discussing it.

          • Miss x says

            77% of those incarcerated may be psychopaths, but statistically, most psychopaths are not incarcerated, or even ex cons. Most psychopaths live freely with equal rights to do what they will…. And, what they do is prey on people who have no knowledge that they are being used as puppets to entertain and exploit.

          • FNP says

            77% of psychopaths are incarcerated, not 77% of all incarcerated are psychopaths. There’s been many posts on this here.

        • FNP says

          I’d like to add that psychopaths are typically incredibly well liked until they out themselves. The whole superficial charm trait and all that. There are also plenty of unethical neurotypicals, like Mengele for example.

          • Miss x says

            Of course psychopaths are well liked. They mirror everyone they meet. When in the company of a psychopath, people fall in love with the best of themselves. When the mask gets pulled off, or when a psychopath makes a slip, then the true character of the psychopath is revealed. Yes, unethical behavior does not discriminate. It’s everywhere, but that doesn’t excuse anything. Not all nuerotypicals are unethical, but all psychopaths are.

          • FNP says

            Tell me then how I’m unethical. I rarely act in an antisocial way these days, because it’s ultimately self-destructive to do so. In many ways, I act more prosocially than neurotypicals.

  3. Jessica Kelly says

    I fail to see how this line of reasoning is different than that we are being accused of. If you want to just admit bias, then do so. Playing the “when you will, I will” card is silly and has been used throughout history to squash the fringe.

  4. says

    This discussion is really amusing for me, people are only advanced animals not ultimate form of evolution, i consider the lack of empathy and remorse an upgrade. To discuss about life and other will not change what you are, predator or prey!

    • mel says

      Well, you can really only speak for yourself and your “speak” is consistent with that of a true predator (advanced animal) The lack of empathy and remorse is actually a downgrade.

      As for the rest of us enjoying the human evolutionary advancement of the limbic brain, we are able to steer clear of basic Neanderthal predators who live primally to satisfy primal needs.

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