Mosquitoes, Marriage, and Empathy – The Niches Psychopaths Fill

Psychopaths fill a niche.  In a prosocial and empathic world, there is an advantage for a group to act both antisocially and without affective empathy.  If this were business, we would celebrate the ingenuity of such a group to find such a niche and to capitalize upon it.  However, this is not business, this is life, and as such, neurotypicals lose their collective shit when faced with someone who can act while the rest of the crowd stands still.  We acknowledge the annoyances of the mosquito with its bloodsucking ways, but we do not eradicate it for ecosystems are calibrated to survive with its existence.  The same train of thought should be applied to the realm of psychopathy.  I will concede that the unchecked psychopath may be an irritant to those neurotypicals around him, however I do believe that society could not function for long without his existence.

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Lines Made of Blood

While I may not respond to comments in the manner I used to (I try to be hands off these days unless clarification is asked), I do read each and every one of them.  In fact, I encourage comments as a supplement to the topics that I write about; I want to see different perspectives just as much as I imagine my readers do.  All of that said, one comment in particular really struck me as odd:

Many people wish there was a cure because they happen to love psychopaths and hate the reality that doing so is a waste of time because psychopaths can’t ever reciprocate love and will only manipulate.

I say I find this odd because it is my experience that neurotypicals bring out the pitchforks once they’ve identified a psychopath.  This particular comment may have been in reference to romantic relationships, but I think the alleged point can be expanded to general interpersonal interactions.  The neurotypical claim it would seem that psychopaths are certainly worthy of love and respect, so long as they keep their psychopathy in check.  This is not dissimilar from what homosexuals face from the religious community or religions ask of one another:  “abandon the traits that make you you, and we’ll abandon the witch hunt.”  This is forced conformity at its finest.

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Demonizing the Demon – The Sins of Academia Regarding Psychopathy

The sins of academics that study psychopathy are great.  They are intellectually stunted individuals that lack curiosity.  In no one area is this more evident than with their insistence to study only those psychopaths in prisons.  This sin knows no nationality as the whole lot results to opportunity samples, the bane of statistical sampling.  As a result, research tends to be used solely in criminological circles which leads to mass hysteria regarding the condition, should individuals even consider the disorder to be real in the first place.  I am beyond tired of the common conversations that I hear regarding psychopathy and the fault lies solely with the academics “studying” this condition.

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The Failure of the Mental Health Industry

What if oncologists refused to treat patients with terminal cancer?  Chalking up the afflicted for dead, imagine that they withhold treatment that could extend the quality of life for those dying as well as for those around the dying.  I would imagine that there would be a great murmur from society, proclaiming such withholding of treatment to not only be unethical but antithetical to the promise of life.  Why then is it acceptable to withhold treatment from those having personality disorders?  This post will focus particularly on the lack of available treatment options for those with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD), but this can extend to other disorders considered taboo or worthy of scorn by society; those such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Histrionic Personality Disorder.  “Fluffy” disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) are not meant to be part of this discussion.

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Victim Complex

Over in the realm of tumblr, I see many bloggers that have victim complexes.  They believe that at any moment that they will be persecuted for the most mundane of reasons and that their well-being or even their life will end as a result.  They live in complete fear, refusing to take opportunities that exist for the worry of a specter that may or may not ever materialize.  Frankly, it’s disgusting.  It is one thing to make note of the biases that exist in the world and the probabilities that something bad may happen.  It is another to be so crippled with either fear or hate that one does not make any attempt to move forward.

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