Into the Pit

A tumblr follower sent me this note:

There is a strange but empowering freedom to knowing that almost every single person you have ever met, and almost every single person you will ever meet, would fear and despise you and wish for your death if they actually knew the truth about you. You can draw strength from it, set yourself above others.

And the same follower (I presume) sent me this follow up note:

It’s worth noting that, according to the (admittedly rather dubious and hypocritical) standards of society, you and others like you already *are* the bad guys, whether or not you’ve actually done anything bad.

They make a good point, though I do not wish to look too deeply into the exact wording that they use.  Many in times of strife use their plight as a means to reach farther and dig deeper for the energy required to make their situation better.  I don’t believe the psychopath loses sleep over her position in society, however.  Her narcissism already has her believing that she is above others, however the status of being the bad guy can lead to an even more potent ego-boost.  When you are better than everyone and feared, what more is there to attain?

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Working is a sore subject for most psychopaths.  We are insatiable bored, yet we rarely feel the need to fill such boredom with activities that are not of our own choosing.  I’m sure that we all recognize that we need money and that employment is a recognizable source of income, but we are also torn by our damnable state of ennui.  “I need something to do, but not that“, I’d imagine the psychopathic reader thinking to themselves.  We want to reap a harvest but we do not want one bead of sweat to drip from our brows.

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Ignoring the Facebook Age – Unfriending Most Everyone You’ve Ever Met

A reader asked me a vague question regarding friendship.  Am I friends with other psychopaths?  Am I friends with neurotypicals?  Am I friends with anyone?  I have at most one friend.  The reasons will become clear by the end of this post, but I would like the neurotypical reader, especially, to think hard about what actually constitutes a friend.  Is it someone whose company you enjoy?  A person that you interact with online?  Can only paramours be friends?  Think long and hard and then continue reading after the break.

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The quickest way to be discovered as a fake is to lack personality.  Too many false psychopaths try to fit in by appearing to be prototypical.  They attempt to win legitimacy through descriptions of lurid dreams and deeds without offering anything of what makes them, “them”.  They are walking caricatures, devoid of individuality and sanity.  They distort their cartoonish dimensions until they feel that others recognize them for what they must be: psychopaths.  In reality they are not, however, and the trained eye can weed them out so quickly.  Ultimately the reason they think that they can pull the wool over our eyes is because they believe it to be heresy to be an individual, non-prototypical and true.

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Mutually Assured Construction

Relationships have been on my mind a lot lately.  I’ve been torn between seeking a more traditional relationship where there are expectations of love, emotional bonding, and care and those relationships that I’d be more likely to succeed with.  I’ve listed what is needed for the former.  However, I have begun to think of the latter as something a bit beyond my analogy of potted plants, although not by much.  The relationship that I am most likely to succeed in involves mutual indifference yet a commitment by the other to “buy in” in order to work.

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