Silent Screams – Why Psychopathic Voices Must be Heard

I typically answer every email or other form of message that comes my way.  I have high regard for my readership and I try to be a resource in any way that I can possibly be.  However, occasionally I receive messages that simply leave me too stupefied to answer.  Some emails that I receive ask whether I’ve killed anyone or ask me to elaborate on hypothetical felonies.  Such readers want to believe that the dark caricatures that the media portrays are true and want me to validate such hyperbole.  I don’t answer these emails for I know that there is no point.  Just as I refuse to validate the bloodlust of less successful psychopaths that contact me, I refuse to give dignity to such waste sent to me by neurotypical readers.  Ultimately this leads me to conclude that antisocial and psychopathic voices must be heard.  The alternative is a continuing cycle of hyperbole and misinformation.

Many neurotypicals think they have it figured out.  At worst they are completely uneducated and have beliefs that psychopaths are typically like the Hannibal Lecters of the world or the chainsaw wielding bad guys in horror films.  At best, they believe that the words of Robert Hare and Kent Kiehl are gospel and that everything observed within a prison cell is applicable to the psychopathic population as a whole.   It is rare that a neurotypical reaches out to me in a balanced fashion, wondering where the truth – which resides in the realm between sinner and saint – actually lies.  Without voices from psychopathic individuals, there is no hope of correcting such.  Even with such voices, I remain convinced that our screams will remain silent or otherwise fall on deaf ears.

I will never give dignity to the absurd.  Caught in a catch-22, I know that I will not be taken seriously by those asking if I refute their ridiculous claims and I know that silence will not help, either.  I will continue to be painted as a murderer and torturer, even though the truth is far less dire, though not exactly tranquil.  I am not one to candy coat the truth (as readers of the June 2014 arc know all too well) but I will not promote the dire hyperbole that many want to propagate.  I am no saint, but I am not the bloodthirsty sinner that I am painted as either.  The truth is far fuzzier, far more ambiguous.  That may scare the masses that want a clear picture, but ultimately such needs to be swallowed like a bitter pill.  The alternative is to attempt to scream without vocal cords: a masochistic exercise for myself and of no benefit to my psychopathic brothers and sisters.  We must be heard.


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