Heretic – Resolve and Psychopathic Criminality (Part 2)

This post is a logical continuation of yesterday’s post.

It would be fallacious to assume that all of the 23% of psychopaths who aren’t in prison are well-adapted, just as it would be as fallacious to assume that all of those in prison are necessarily maladapted.  Luck and proclivity play a part here.  While rarer these days, I still have a penchant for some activities that are contrary to the law; in this sense I believe that the successful psychopath is merely less criminal on average.  Certainly one can be psychopathic without having broken any laws ever, but this is a difficult path to walk and the psychopathic mind with its selfishness is certainly primed for antisocial and/or criminal activity.

Nevertheless, I find it difficult to communicate with those that are more inclined to be lawbreakers than me.  As I wrote in yesterday’s post, I have a mental block when it comes to understanding those voices that demand some bloodletting from time to time.  I understand fully those that leave me messages on social media proclaiming agreement with my notion of relative restraint, but I have a very difficult time understanding those that legitimately struggle with their violent or destructive fantasies.  This often makes me feel like a heretic, not just in relation to society but in relation to my fellow psychopaths as well.

I fully understand the presence of dark fantasy.  I really do.  I suffer from fantasies of violently attacking those I meet on the street much in the same way that the neurotypical may suffer from intrusive thoughts of driving their loaded minivan off the ridge.  I just cannot fathom how remaining free cannot be a big enough carrot to avoiding doing such, however.  (The driver does not drive off the cliff because of the carrot of, you know, keeping his family alive).   So in this sense, I’m often a target from both within and outside.  The academics and criminologists of the world want my head on a pike for dare suggesting that psychopaths can remain in the good graces of society and the less adaptive psychopaths want my head as well for not pandering to the “true” base.  It’s a fight I cannot win, though not a fight that necessarily interests me, either.

I would like to hear from those readers – in the comments below – that find that they live such a struggle in the space between fantasy and actuality.  I want to better understand the compulsions and intrusive thoughts that cause so many of my kind to step over the line.  We are all heretics.  I simply want to understand your space of heresy independent of mine.

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