Violent Peace – Why Psychopath/NT Alliances are Flawed

Every now and then on tumblr I see posts by psychopath-identifying individuals welcoming support from neurotypical “allies.”  As in, they want to associate with those that are sympathetic to the psychopath’s mental state.  I do not understand this for many reasons.  Why would the wolf surround himself with sheep if he is not hungry?  Why, in the hell, would sheep willingly go toward the wolf?  I believe these people are, frankly, delusional.

It is not a secret that the psychopath and neurotypical tend not to see eye to eye.  The psychopath usually hates small talk and loathes the concept of empathy while the neurotypical will not shut up about everything emotional and empathic in their lives.  I’ve found that unless the psychopath is intellectually or otherwise stimulated by the neurotypical that tensions will eventually run high.  The psychopath that willingly surrounds himself with neurotypical allies is asking for a world of irritation unless he has hidden plans for those sheep.

This leads me to the neurotypical “ally.”  While I am not one to believe that the psychopath need be the wanton caricature of destruction that many paint us as, I would be lying if I said that psychopaths weren’t occasionally going to feed on the neurotypicals that surround them.  With this in mind, why on earth would the neurotypical make themselves a willing sacrifice?  Maybe this is some elaborate ploy by the psychopath and maybe the neurotypical is that naive, but all in all it makes zero sense to me.

This might be a continuing trend to accommodate the psychopath in the world by “social justice oriented” neurotypicals, but ultimately it pays disrespect to both psychopath and neurotypical.  While the psychopath should only be judged by his actions, painting the picture of psychopathy with crayons does no service.  Likewise, the neurotypical that is all buddy-buddy with the psychopath in the name of equality or sympathy or whatever is paying disservice to those neurotypicals that know better.

Ultimately, the best that should be hoped for between psychopaths and neurotypicals is a violent peace.  Maybe the wolf can find other food than sheep and maybe the sheep can stay away from the wolf, but there is no sense in pretending that wolves never get hungry and sheep never get eaten.  The alternative is insanity.

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  1. M says

    Jessica, you asked: “Why, in the hell, would sheep willingly go toward the wolf?”
    Well, one possible answer would be simple scientific curiosity.

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