Stream of Consciousness: Neurotypical Bloodlust

This is the first in a new series of posts that I will be writing.  These are not intended to be full-length posts (though they occasionally may be) and will not replace the daily full-length posts.  These are merely supplements and may or may not show up on a daily basis.  These are not as refined and are intended to be “Stream of Consciousness” in nature.  In the future I will denote these with the tag “stream of consciousness”.

The hypocrisy of neurotypicals never ceases to astound me.  I was perusing Tumblr this morning and noticed a post that kept getting reblogged left and right.  To summarize, it was a back-and-forth between a psychopath and a neurotypical.  The neurotypical claimed that his (?) experiences were worthy of generalization to the psychopathic population as a whole.  Apparently he had been abused or scorned by someone who may or may not have been psychopathic.  Chiming in on a post written by an anonymous antisocial challenging a predominant “abuse survivor” blog (that spends most of their time claiming that all abuse is the result of psychopaths) to an intellectual debate on the subject, the discourse was weak at best.  The neurotypical was convinced that they were in the right.

Every time I see exchanges or statements like this, I am saddened.  I have never claimed that psychopaths are “good” people, but I refuse to believe that the entire population must be strictly “evil”.  Psychopathy is denoted by a lack of empathy and various antisocial behaviors, but many become self-aware and cut out such nonsense to the best of their abilities.  The neurotypical does not care however, they want to see our heads on pikes for crimes that we’ve never committed.  They are bloodthirsty.

The psychopathic acquaintance of mine made excellent points.  Should we fear all Muslims due to the actions of a subset?  Should we fear the black population due to their increased incidence of violence?  What about the schizophrenic or the Bipolar individual?  There is a double standard here.  It saddens me and infuriates me and reminds me why it is so important that someone speak up for the successful psychopath population.

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    • Jessica Kelly says

      Yes, I am bad about that. I will attempt to be less weasel-y in the future. Thank you for calling me out on this.

      • FNP says

        Having read said tumblr conversation, I’m pretty sure it’s not overgeneralized. Tumblr and Reddit residents, while not the whole population, are both out for the blood of psychopaths (even on stuff involving blood and psychopaths).

          • FNP says

            Tumblr and Reddit users don’t make up the whole population of the US. Therefore, the point is still valid.

  1. M says

    The thing is: she wrote this: «The neurotypical does not care however, they want to see our heads on pikes for crimes that we’ve never committed. They are bloodthirsty.» – wich gives the impression that she is generalizing beyond Tumblr and Reddit users or any particular subset of the population for that matter. She overgeneralized. And admitted it.

    • Jessica Kelly says

      I believe the neurotypical (individual) can be enlightened regarding the subject but I will still use generalizations dealing with society since society’s pull is determined by majority thinking.

  2. M says

    I saw your tumblr comments. Don’t get me wrong. No one here is pissed and critics are to be constructive (that was the intent here). And I think overgeneralizing may drive you to be even more saddened and angry. That’s not healthy.

    • Jessica Kelly says

      No worries. I appreciate the criticism. I’m not saddened, per se, but I am angry at the conditions I fight on a daily basis. However, this anger leads to better writing so…

  3. says

    Of course “we” are bloodthirsty. We love nothing more than a good scapegoat. Our culture has progressed to the point where almost all of the categories we put people into are off-limits for persecution and mob dispatch, but we haven’t yet managed to address our need to gather into a mob and do the persecuting in the first place.
    If you want to see a gorgeous and classically-structured example of the modern scapegoat, look at our entertainers, especially our female ones. There is much in Britney Spears’ life story to call to mind some of the more interesting Aztec rites, where orphans or slaves would be elevated to the status of royalty for a period of weeks or months, then publicly and extravagantly murdered.
    They deserve it because they’re filthy whores. Y’all deserve it because . . . well, if you haven’t gotten caught yet, you will, right?
    Most of the women I know are convinced that one or more of their exes is a “psychopath,” or at the very least a “narcissist.” Most of the men are, too, they just use the shorthand “psycho bitch.” So the successful psychopath as scapegoat is damn near irresistible, recalling as it does all the broken promises and betrayals and hurt of past bad relationships.

    I really do wish we could go back to using actual goats.

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