Killing Christ – Psychopaths and Fate

In Christian theology, Judas is well known for betraying Christ and setting in motion the events that would lead to execution.  Judas then died after hanging himself in a field and splitting open his gut.  The not so subtle context, however, is that Judas had to do such.  The Christian god’s plans required that Christ die so that man could be saved.  Judas was predestined to serve this role and was rewarded with his own death and presumed eternal damnation.

This story reminds me of the fate that psychopaths face each and every day.  No matter what forces, genetic or otherwise, led to the psychopath’s creation, she is destined to exhibit certain behaviors.  Manipulation, lying, parasitism, and so forth are unavoidable.  Criminality and/or violence need not result, however.  Ultimately such restraint is ignored by the masses just as Judas’ required sin was ignored by God.  Even though the symptoms are fate, society condemns the psychopath as persona non grata even though she is merely playing the part she was destined to play.

Think about that closely.  The psychopath that is less criminal is fighting the evolutionary forces that all but predestine her fate.  She is expending large sums of energy to stay (mostly) on the right side of the law and society.  Her fate still dictates that she will not have affective empathy.  Her destiny suggests that she will be antisocial in some form.  But, she need not be a caricature of malice and chaos.  She can honor her part without killing Christ – so to speak – but she will still pay the eternal price just as Judas did.  Rather than with physical blood, it will be with the stigma and blackballing that society hands down.

Such is not fair.  A god that condemns those he put in place to play certain roles deserves no worship and a society that condemns those that fight their fates in the most respectable way possible deserves no respect.  We don’t condemn the impoverished that fight the sub-demographic urge to thieve and we don’t chide the religious that avoid holy and social wars, even if such may be engrained in the demographic as a whole, so why do we single out the successful psychopath?  Why condemn an entire group of people for the actions of a subset?

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