Chaos, Order, and the Psychopath

I believe the successful psychopath holds herself to a separate standard than she does society.  She realizes that chaos cannot exist on a massive scale.  However, she realizes that she herself is an agent of chaos and she loses no sleep over such a fact.  Ultimately, she uses this dichotomy to create a niche in which she thrives, be it parasitic or otherwise.

I remember a time in which I was married and my ex-husband asked me to give my thoughts on the following scenario:

A scientist has developed a cure for an incurable disease that causes quick death and offers it to anyone who can pay the monetary price he demands.  A man, living in the same town as the scientist, desperately needs this cure for his wife but he is destitute and has no way to pay the price demanded.  He pleads to the scientist, hoping that something else may be offered for the cure.  The scientist refuses and the man is left with a choice: he can let his wife die and honor the code that society has dictated (stealing is wrong), or he can commit theft.  What does he do?

My answer surprised my then husband.

I responded that the man should not commit theft, for that was the disordered option given his plight.  However, would break the law for my spouse if that was the only option remaining.  While I did not tell him such, my logic was that a dead potted plant had little use to me.  I wanted society to operate by one set of rules and for those rules not to apply to me.

Disorder on a grand scale does not benefit the psychopath.  She needs rules to skirt and niches to occupy.  While she may have an advantage if the world were Thunderdome, the fact is that she holds a far greater one if everyone else is rooted out of fears of consequences and morality.  I do not believe that the successful psychopath would resemble the Joker, a character bent on total disorder for all, in The Dark Knight.  If chaos is to be enjoyed by all, what advantage is there left to be had for the individual?

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  1. N says

    I believe that rather than agents of chaos, psychopaths are literally chaos itself. In a world of order, chaos rules. That is why psychopaths are always successful at what they choose to do. Psychopaths live for stimulation, both physical and intellectual. The joker from batman thought that his means of chaos was fun, which is why he chose to do it. CEO’s compete with other corporations as if it were an intellectual board game. Politicians and world leaders obtain stimulation from the control that they obtain from further manipulating the masses and their peers. Serial killers and other criminal psychopaths obtain stimulation from unleashing their rage and hate upon society. I agree that in order for psychopaths to succeed, they need to occupy a current niche that has rules and order, because that is where psychopaths strive the most since those rules don’t apply to them. That is why I believe psychopaths are the embodiment of chaos itself, and that is reason they exist.

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