No Pity for Bloodsuckers: Neurotypical Disdain For Psychopaths

The parasite is merely possessing an evolutionary niche.  If there was not an ability to thrive in that niche, it would not exist.  The same can be said with psychopaths.  Whether our existence serves an evolutionary purpose or not, does not matter.  What does matter is that in a prosocial world, a relatively small demographic dedicated to gain by any means necessary can thrive.  Just as the mosquitos of the world fill a niche, psychopaths do the same.  However, there is no sympathy for those products of nature that are seen as unclean or parasitic.

It is interesting to see what groups in the world are deserving of the empathy of the neurotypical.  I’ve written innumerable times about the selective empathy of the neurotypical.  Those that are most like her get her empathy.  Christians are empathic toward other Christians; the poor lack empathy for the rich; the rich lack empathy for the poor; so on and so forth.  What is interesting is that there is a universal lack of empathy for those without.  Given that new research continues to suggest that psychopathy is genetic or heavily influenced during the formative years, it is hard for me to imagine how there couldn’t be empathy for the psychopath.  People with Downs Syndrome or Multiple Sclerosis are deserving of empathy for their differences, why aren’t psychopaths?

This may seem like a silly observation, but that is the point.  I do not mean to paint psychopathy as a mental illness worthy of sympathy as I am completely content being psychopathic, but I do mean to point out that neurotypicals are often contradictory by being sympathetic to some mental abnormalities but not others.  Depression is better received than Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia.  Everything is more well received than psychopathy.

I’d be fine with this if the neurotypical were merely honest with this difference of thought.  Instead they state logical fallacies attacking us for our usual callousness and our complete lack of empathy.  They proclaim themselves to be actual or theoretical victims of the psychopath; they fail to acknowledge their own biases.

I am not suggesting that the neurotypical should treat the psychopath with sympathy.  There is something about coddling wolves that does not sit well with me.  However, the neurotypical must acknowledge that they consciously choose to disparage and disregard those that fill a certain niche all too well enjoyed by bloodsuckers.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Of course NTs acknowledge that. But even so they just want to stay away from emotional pain. Which happens in a relation with a psychopath. Since NTs have emotions and influenced by emotion and empathy, their world is absolutely chaotic, irrational, unfair. And also they feel emotional pain because of something (maybe without any evolutional function, doesn’t matter). So NTs try to avoid these pain generating things always. That’s all. “Nothing personal”. I think they wouldn’t have any problem with psychopaths if NTs were not experiencing so much pain accidentally. Then psychopaths would be just exceptionally rational beings for them. It’s an interesting question for me that if a psychopath had no such deep narcissism and egocentrism, then only the absence of empathy wouldn’t just make them socially important persons because of their exceptionally fast rationality.

    • J. Kelly says

      I can understand *why* they would be fearful and antagonistic toward the antisocials, but I still believe there is a disconnect between the neurotypical and their thought processes in determining who is worthy of sympathy. “I sympathize with the poor, just not *those* ones.” “I sympathize with those who are sick, just not the lepers” etc. etc.

      • Anonymous says

        of course, most NTs have no 100% moral. nobody has. when you see that a NT is a liar in the case you mention, at that moment the NT just fails to be organized (so moral contradictions come up) because of the chaotic emotional state.
        anyway, are you sure that your introspection is absolutely clear (as you feel), and when you judge something you don’t miss any point? nobody is perfect in general. you have much better cognitive skills than average people, but you don’t perceive every phenomenon happening in common people. those phenomena determine them strongly and if you want to see them as they are, you need to consider it.

    • Anonymous says

      “…Since NTs have emotions and influenced by emotion and empathy, their world is absolutely chaotic, irrational, unfair….”

      No it isn’t. Unless, of course, you’re a psychopath and unequipped with the means to understand that a world shaped by respect for the individual and empathy has a harmonious symmetry that is far from chaotic, irrational or unfair…….and if you fail to understand that NTs are also capable of switching off emotion to make necessary decisions.

      I dislike the tendency of psychopaths to harm people they consider to be beneath them….and their tendency to imagine that they are somehow gifted with superior intellect and reasoning abilities, while non-psychopaths are somehow intellectually stunted and incapable of working out 1+1=2.

      Those psychopathic delusions of grandeur again, perhaps.

      Allow me to advise you that anyone who has once met a psychopath can see you coming a mile away and take appropriate avoiding actions that you won’t see until they hit you square in the face. Never confuse trust with stupidity.

      • FNP says

        The world is very clearly not based on respect and empathy, but you NTs like to imagine that it is. Ever lived in a country where things were based on those? No? Amazing.

        Have you tried buying something with respect and empathy? It doesn’t work.

        Also, if psychopaths were so easy to spot, then why is it that serial killers, Ponzi scheme CEOs and the like manage to do what they do with ease?

  2. FNP says

    I’ve always found it interesting that neurotypicals show overt empathy toward people with autism, even though autistic people also commonly have the lack of empathy that psychopaths have.

    • J. Kelly says

      That’s a good point. In a vacuum, where no antisocial act is committed, that would mean that NTs are simply bloodthirsty based on the label.

    • M says

      «autistic people also commonly have the lack of empathy that psychopaths have.» – Not really. Autistic people may be callous because they are challenged at the cognitive level – not at the emotional level. Their lack of cognitive empathy may influence their emotional response, that may me inadequate, but they sometimes perceive that others suffer emotionally because of things they said and feel bad for the person and may repent. As an example of an autistic (asperger syndrome in this case) person, we have Dr Temperance Brennan (Bones) and Sheldon Cooper (I wonder why are the scientists associated with that syndrome?). Of course this is not a valid reason to treat psychopaths differently than any other person with a psychiatric condition.

      Psychology student

        • M says

          I guess I did … but my point still stands (they lack cognitive empathy, but not emotional empathy, although it may seem that they do sometimes)

  3. Anonymous says

    “….That’s a good point. In a vacuum, where no antisocial act is committed, that would mean that NTs are simply bloodthirsty based on the label…..”

    That would be a hypothetical vacuum. The very definition of a psychopath is that antisocial behavior is part of the very fibre of his being. Hardwired.

    I’ve yet to meet a psychopath that can get through a day without causing pain or harm to someone. Unless, of course, they’re hiding out in bed, alone with the static in their heads. But then they’re usually harming their colleagues by expecting them to carry their workload or parasiting free rent and food from a gullible NT.

    Nice illustration of psychopathic thought processes to label anyone objecting to such behavior as “bloodthirsty”.

    • FNP says

      Just be honest. You’ve yet to meet a psychopath. Though you do strike me as very similar to the-courage-to-heal over in tumblrville.

      • Mary Rose says

        The spectrum of psychopathy then must be as vast as the spectrum of Neurodiversity itself. The psychopaths i have been unfortunate enough to experience saw these qualities as opportunities to gain. Perhaps as you say they cannot accept their type of neurodiversity and keep blaming. Also are some psychopaths intrinsic and other extrinsic.. if all these (and more) factors are taken into consideration your experience of psychopathy is just that, yours. And have you blogged about gender differences in psychopathy?

        • FNP says

          I haven’t blogged about shit unless you count tumblr. But the question is: why do you seem to think I’m the one that writes this blog? I’m just the guy that comments on how retarded and hypocritical all the NTs are. If you’re as empathetic as you claim, you should be able to see things from anybody’s point of view, not just your own limited viewpoint that’s garbled by your anger against anybody different.

          • FNP says

            Yeah, I always thought it said “by Jessica Kelly” at the top of these things, not “by Friendly Neighborhood Psychopath”.

        • Jessica Kelly says

          It’s tricky. I speak to (and for) the more intelligent and less destructive psychopaths. It is a vast spectrum, but that is not reason alone to stay silent – some voices are always better than none. As far as the differences in gender go, I’ve interacted with many more female antisocials (some of whom are psychopathic) than male antisocials, but I see far more similarities than differences. I suspect that the female psychopath is less likely to show up on the radar of the legal system, but whether that is due to intrinsic bias or actual restraint, I do not know.

  4. Just me says

    Well maybe it’s because someone with other forms of mental illness don’t intentionally harm, damage and literally invest massive amounts of energy deliberately annihilating other people. You are a threat to the species, and to the individual. No one feels empathy for someone who’s torn them to shreds. It might have been there initially, and in my experience with my first husband if was, but it was used up, by him, over the years. I had a lot of empathy for him, more than I even had for myself unfortunately. And even after I left him, it was quite a while before he had gone through all his sources of supply (that I knew personally,) to the point where he had drained everyone of any empathy and was forced to move on. It’s not that it’s not there for you, it’s that you abuse it and use it up. What person in their right mind would put themselves in harm’s way once they understand? And this stands on a collective front too. Society as a whole understands, at least in an abstract form, if they haven’t had the personal pleasure of knowing a psychopath, that your kind HARM us. We don’t lack empathy, you do it to yourselves. It’s pure and utter survival of the species to not have empathy with you, as you say yourself, you’re happy being who you are. It’s not illogical, it’s LOGICAL. Having said that, a cure would be nice,

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