Metallurgy … The Search For Power

The most egregious error of human thinking is that the world must be fair; that life must be fair.  Equality does not exist; it never will.  DNA and chromosomes uniquely dictate what an individual can or cannot be.  Religions will fight each other to the death.  So on and so forth.  Any train of thought that suggests that parity can be reached between any two groups of individuals is false.  For that matter, any notion that equality between two individuals can be reached is also false.  There will always be an inequality and a disparity of power.  Whether an individual is atheist, transgender, homosexual, black, or any other characteristic that brings upon an inherent dearth of power should not matter.  What does matter is leaving the herd that fights for equality composed of selfish individuals and charting one’s own path with their own power; their own selfishness.

The metallurgy from which power is made can only reside in the individual who is willing to forge their own sword as sharp as is needed to achieve their own respect.  A group of individuals united for a common cause will each have their own weaknesses in ability and weaponry.  Ultimately, they are concerned about their own well being and no one else’s.  The “united” mass simply exists as a means to create faux legitimacy.  As if hearing enough voices from those that wish to be animals, for instance, would garner legitimacy for the group as a whole.  No, no amount of voices in the cacophony will cause parity between those with power and those without.  Only by charting your own path can you gain respect and a violent peace.  The alternative is to be a pawn in power dynamics.  An ally, after all, is simply one who has something to gain from some alliance.  One who is subjugated, however, is simply one who has everything to lose without an alliance.

If one wants to be taken seriously in their climb up the social ranks, they must take by force.  Parity, though it may not exist, is approximated through force.  An individual that wants to be taken seriously must assert their right to exist.  A plea to the human mind for parity falls on deaf ears.  What do I care of your condition if you have not shown me that there is benefit to me?  While this may be a prototypical psychopathic response, I would argue that the neurotypical is not much different in this regard.  There must be benefit for me in order to place you at eye-level; either benevolent gain or malevolent destruction should I not.

Neurotypicals often believe that they have a true bearing on equality.  Whether it is through their empathy with the religious, or the non-conforming, they believe that others “deserve” to reach parity.  Or so they tell themselves.  However, they are no different.  Consider the uneasy alliance between the LG and BT in LGBT circles.  Gays and lesbians often fight for the rights of bisexuals and transgender individuals solely so that they are seen as aligned with a social cause worthy of admiration.  They do not admit that they are often too focused on their own struggles to care about anyone else.  Think back to the Bush era struggle for equal opportunity employment in which gay and lesbian circles were in disbelief that transgender individuals be brought along for the ride.  Consider the current climate in which criticism of certain responses to perceived police brutality result in doxxes and other acts of harm.  An alliance is certainly beneficial when fear is on the table, is it not?

And, ultimately, this is why the individual must hold the power when ascertaining and affirming their own worthiness when climbing the great totem for parity. I do not mean to suggest that fear is the only option through which equality can be obtained, but the individual must be willing to show teeth, to escape from the herd, and be willing to draw blood for that which they believe in.  No one else is going to jump in unless they have their own blood to lose.  Sharpen your own swords and forge your own armor for the battles you must fight and worry not about the sturdiness of those around you; they, after all, are fleeting faces who are just as hungry for the spot on the totem that you rightfully deserve.  To do otherwise is a disservice to the self and a resignation to the crawling chaos that is any group seeking parity.


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