Possession … Empathy and Bloodlust (Part 2)

I imagine a scene in which a father comes home from work and sits down in his favorite recliner.  His two children and wife greet him and each give him a kiss – as he is a very loving man in their eyes – and they later have dinner.  After dinner, the man takes his knife and, without warning, buries it into the eye socket of his oldest child.  Speaking incoherently, he remarks that the deed simply had to be done.  Why?  He would not elaborate as his next action was to slit his own throat.  Seconds later, the wife does the same leaving one child dead and another scarred for life.

Any NT seems to become possessed with irrationality and vengeance when it comes to events that do not affect them but that evoke feelings of deep-seated empathy.  They turn to their greatest weapons to satisfy the command of empathy, their surrogate for logic.  Whether it is Anonymous doxxing groups that they perceive as ‘evil’ or social media fanning its own flames into a hellfire that makes Dresden look tame, the hysteria jumps from individual to individual with little warning and even less explanation.  It’s like a blood orgy where the only concern is to ensure that their primal empathic responses are satiated.

NTs feed off one another when it comes to their bloody frenzy that leaves only scorched earth.  Truth, or – more importantly – the search for truth, becomes irrelevant as primal needs for satisfaction trump all.  The accused are sentenced by mass judgement.  The convicted wear their stigmata for life regardless of what price they ultimately contracted to pay.  For example, how many more tent cities are needed for those that cannot live as sex offenders that have paid the price?  How many more accused rapists will be excommunicated though never proven guilty of any crime?  How many more tragedies must be cleansed with the stains of blood?  Infinitely many.  When a hive-mind and neurotypical society wants blood, they will find it and it only takes the tiniest spark; it is a spark that arcs from body to body.

Neurotypicals are not possessed; they are simply willfully irrational.

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