Where Nothing Resides … Projecting Psychopathic “Boredom”

I’ve been a bit quiet lately as I haven’t had anything new or insightful to report on, but this comment from a reader raises an interesting question:

I was wondering what you think about the concept that the psychopath is actually very boring to us more normal people? Are they projecting their boredom onto others or is their lack of emotional repertoire the reason they bore others? I would be interested to know what you think about this.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard the psychopath referred to as “boring”, but I can see where this question is coming from.

I sometimes see such projections of my boredom when my mask is dropped.  Yes, dropping the mask can mean a surge of antisocial behavior, but it can also mean that the energy to charm or otherwise excite another simply is not present.  In general, I am bored of the human condition.  Neurotypicals bore me with their emotional states and I cannot connect to their empathic ways of thinking.  When presented with an option to interact with neurotypicals, I often decline, simply because I know there is little in it for me and that I cannot be bothered to put forth the energy to build a potential interpersonal relationship.

My therapist and I often talk about my inability to maintain or create such relationships.  Loneliness does bother me to a degree as my ego is fueled by interactions with others, but I simply cannot summon the energy to create a spark in a void where nothing resides.  The neurotypical and I have so little in common that it is difficult to justify the energy.  And, without that energy, I suppose that I would come across as boring.  If I am unwilling to invest the time and energy to even acknowledge the neurotypical in front of me, then what else would they think?

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  1. trinity says

    Thanks. Your explanation fits my experience.

    My psychopath ex’s games are now sporadic. The last involved court and was a thrill for both of us.

    We walked out of court – objectively in stalemate – but each with a smile. I imagine he was telling himself he was in control, that he’d won. And I was telling myself the very same thing.

    Dopamine addiction… I can’t find anything else as exciting.

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