Duality … The Quick and the Dead

The act of social justice infuriates me.  Not because I am upset with the grave injustices of the world – I’m not – but because of the inherent hypocrisy of those doing the fighting.  People will fight for some causes and leave others to rot.  Everyone, neurotypical or psychopath has their “us” group that they are willing to fight for and their “them” group which they leave for the buzzards.  There are those that will fight for matters of race and leave issues of homelessness to the wayside.  Others will educate regarding gay and lesbian issues and then leave the injustices felt by the bisexual or transgender for someone else.  Not only will they let someone else do the fighting, they won’t even bat an eye at the suffering experienced by these other groups.

Neurotypicals, in particular, live a duality – crying over the injustices of the world, but taking on the roles of the gods in deciding whom is worthy of their psychic energy.  They claim to be above the psychopath but then are no different – NTs on a daily basis choose whom is worthy of saving even though they claim that their empathy gives them a connection to all.  They will fight for one group while crushing the skulls of another out of bias and bigotry.  The psychopath is merely more honest, acknowledging that everyone is in their “them” group and that no one is worth saving except the self, the only member of the “us” group.

Now, lest the reader misunderstand, I am not delusional in thinking that there is an infinite mass of energy that anyone can tap into in order to fight for all whom are oppressed.  What I am saying is that many will consciously dictate that some groups are worthy of justice more than others.  Many will consciously state that some groups are more sacred than others.  Other groups are simply chaff.  Consider the religious individual that fights for religious freedom and then denies others the right to their individuality.  Consider the individual that will fight racism and then leave the religiously persecuted to rot in the name of modernity.  Consider the NT that refuses to fight for the adjusted psychopath out of their own hatred.  “Do as I say, not as I do” is a common refrain.

The psychopath does not suffer from this duality.  We acknowledge that no one is worthy of our energy unless we ourselves are to benefit.  We will not cry over the tragedies of the world while we choose to inflict harm on another through direct action or inaction.  There is no hypocrisy.  There is no selective bigotry.  There is only a pure selfishness that is all-consuming.  And, this selfishness dictates that we alone must be the benefactors of our actions.

To my neurotypical reader, I pose the following question.  Are you truly any different than us on this front?  Or, do you delude yourself into thinking that all are sacred, when in reality, you merely play God, choosing the quick and the dead?  Can you truly name a group that you don’t leave for the scavengers out of convenience or conviction?

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    I think that if one think this life is a fleeting moment in eternity, and that everything end when we meet our grave, then there is just no point in debating. Good and Bad become only concepts, mechanics, shaped for society to functiun as a whole, or not.
    Then there is no point in confronting empath and psychopath. It is just the jungle. Psychopath leaving for themselves, by serving themselves and only themselves. And empath, leaving for themseves, by serving others and themselves, because others matter to themselves.

    I am not nihilistic. I am neither irrational. There is no proof that outside of what we see there is something. What we can’t see, maybe doesn’t exist. It is exact to ask proofs about everything. It is sound to have doubts. Who would think that ones perception of the real, would be the exact truth of what is real ?

    But I believe in reincarnation. Not that I choose to. But it is a strong possibility for me.
    I never admitted that 0 could give birth to 1, that Nothing would do All. Never I admitted that intelligence would only be the result of chemicals in dull matter.
    Well I did research and I contacted Kardecists spirits. The first timeI went there I assisted what they call help and desobsession reunion. I was really skeptical. Could the individual remaining intelligence exist outsidethe body after death ? Well, I told myself that if before we knew radio waves it didnt exist cause we couldn’t see it, feel it, touch it, or radioactivity could not be explained, then maybe other things can’t be explained.
    At that time I was 19 (now im 27). I was depressed, I felt bored, aimless. I had a maladive timidity and I hated interacting with people. I was addicted to porn, I would spend hours watching, and doing stuffs…until exhaustion. And it became a pain in my mind that I was being a slave to my urges, I just couldn’t stop.
    So when that guy who didn’t know me, talked to me before I left (and never came back) and told me that in my previous life I had lived a depraved life, that a lot of people (entities) are still attached to me trying to make my life miserable in order to take revenge on me, and that I really should stop the porn and control my urges, I was just…dazzed. That sole thing now make me doubt that life is just what we see and feel with the 5 senses.
    Now I am interested in understanding how a body made of matter could interact with something energetically so different, given it may exist. I need before I die to make sure it is, or it is not.

    I don’t understand why psychopath needs to justify there actions though. You believe nothing outside of your way of thinking and what people think doesn’t bother you. Why is bone and flesh debating with bone and flesh ? Why bone and flesh want to feel so sure about themselves ?

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