Audio: Why Diagnoses of ASPD / Psychopathy Matter

As a means of attracting new readers and in exploring other outlets for discourse, I will begin interspersing audio posts with my written ones.  The written word is still my primary means of communicating, but I hope that readers find these audio posts to be of value as well.

This first audio post deals with why I chose to allow my therapist to administer the PCL-R on me.



Are Psychopaths Human or Inhuman ... The Definition of Humanity
Surfacing ... Internal vs. Applied Biases


  1. Anonymous says

    Fascinating. I’ve wondered if I should attempt therapy and diagnosis but never felt like the rewards of doing so were worth the risks. I present to most people as odd-but-normal. The duality can be utterly exhausting. I have been forced into therapy at various times before but could never develop trust and so have presented as normally as possible to avoid the likely stigma of being diagnosed as sociopathic. I have been lurking on your blog and Twitter for some time, and it’s really been useful for me, so thank you. Well done.

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