Reader Question: Can the Psychopath Be Manipulated?

Short post today as I still work on family stuff.

A tumblr reader asked the following question:

Salutations. It’s been months, probably, since I became one of your rather followers than readers. Frankly, I enjoy reading your thoughts now and then, when I stumble upon such on my dash. — Do you believe one can manipulate a psychopath without being one?

My response was brief:

Thank you for your kind words.

I do think that a neurotypical can manipulate a psychopath. The key to manipulation is understanding the hopes, wants, and needs of another and exploiting them to achieve a desired result. The psychopath has such wants and needs like anyone else. The NT may not be as adept at manipulating – in general – but psychopaths are not invincible either.

What do you, my readers, think?  I, unlike many, do not treat psychopathy as some superpower.  For my NT readers, have you manipulated a psychopath before?  What about my psychopaths, have you ever been manipulated by an NT?  How did it feel?

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  1. Jacklyn says

    Of course they can be, just be careful…

    Just got out of a fling of sorts with a sociopath. I could tell almost immediately after meeting this guy that he was sociopathic. Being able to pick up on that may have given me an advantage, compared to other NTs.

    So yeah. At the beginning of our relationship I wouldn’t really manipulate him much. I waited until he started preparing to discard me. I would manipulate usually just by playing him at his own games (mirroring, gas lighting).

    But what really got him was giving no reaction to things such as ‘negative’ words/stimuli, or showing no jealousy when he blatantly hits on another woman right in front of me. For example, one time he hired a prostitute and literally introduced us to each other. I shook her hand and smiled. That definitely took him by surprise.

    I would also just do odd things to throw him off. Like we’d be out to dinner and I would just walk out the door and start running away lol! Or randomly throw something into the middle of the street.

    HOWEVER. Like I said, do this at your own risk. Once mine realized that he was losing control of me, he began a major smear campaign. We go to a prestigious university and he sent out a memo, which included a link to a website, out to all students and staff with naked photos of myself that I had foolishly sent him… but also humiliating staged ones where I was passed out drunk/drugged(such as putting my head in the toilet, putting a crack pipe in my mouth, posing me near dog make it appear that I did it) Lots of text, consisting mostly of embarrassing lies and “half-truths”. He also printed all of these things out to put on flyers throughout the neighborhood. I am advertised as a hooker on various sites. My family now thinks that I’m a drug addict, and most “friends” are now against me due to them believing lies spread by him.

    So, while you CAN manipulate em and it feels good to fuck around with their heads…ya gotta remember they have an advantage to things like this. NTs have boundaries as to how low they’d go to manipulate. Sociopaths lack empathy, giving them the ability to drag you down until you wish you were dead.

    • FNP says

      So uhh, why are you doing the whole support blog thing here? It really seems like this would be a really utterly pointless place to post this. You claim to have manipulated your ex, but he clearly managed to run your life into the ground in return. Clearly he won.

      But how did you immediately notice he was a psychopath?

      • Jacklyn says

        Idk…maybe I’m too narcissistic to admit defeat, but I’m not convinced he won. What he wanted was a negative reaction out of me. He didn’t get that. Even though it did upset me, I was able to act in control and not outwardly show any anger, and even laughed at the whole situation. Not to mention, I was able to turn the tables and now have the majority on *my* side. I won’t get into details of how, but I’m not sure he’ll be able to top this “game”. At least for the time being I can confidently say that I won. Basically I only put that last little disclaimer paragraph to warn others who may be more sensitive or are dealing with even more malicious sociopaths.

        As to how I knew he’s a sociopath…I’m pretty good at reading others. His artificial charm, intense eye contact, and contradictions (lies) etc gave it away pretty quickly.

        • FNP says

          Any good salesman has those same traits that you pointed out. Yet, there are way more good salesmen than there are psychopaths.

          The very fact that you’re here, on a blog written by a psychopath, commenting about how you think you’ve beat a psychopath at his own game, is proof enough that he won. You could go to any of the millions of support blogs out there and tell your story, but instead, you came to the one place where nobody feels for you.

          • cynthia snook says

            Speak for your own self ,apparently that is what your doing evdn though you are trying to form a imaginary group that agrees with you,actually you appear to be speaking alone yourself!

          • FNP says

            A year later, people are still pissed off that a sadistic psychopath replies to idiots that post here looking for support…

            Try posting on psychopathfree if you hate the way we respond here.

  2. says

    I think you won chick but did you consider that you might be a psychopath yourself? It takes a special person to weather a storm like that.

  3. Richard says

    I believe that you would only attempt to manipulate a psychopath at your own peril. Although manipulation might feature prominently in the psychopath’s behavioral repertoire, the psychopath will invariably treat manipulation by another as an act of betrayal. Punishment is usually swift and severe. Perhaps the only time that a psychopath is likely to change their behavior is when they are forced to confront the devastating impact that their own behavior has had on those closest to them who provide their main source of their emotional stability, particularly when they face significant penalties for their injurious actions.

    To the psychopath, the loss of youth and vitality or illness and serious injury, particularly if it reduces their capacity to work and feel useful and in control, can leave them feeling particularly isolated and vulnerable. But while such an event in the life of a normally boisterous or arrogant person may give them pause to re-evaluate their approach and possibly instill within them a greater sense of humility, I don’t believe that this is the case with psychopaths. Instead, psychopaths are likely to “bounce back” and emerge from their experience with even more bitterness and resentment than they previously had. After all, it is the world that has caused their problems and I’ve found that they are even more likely to injure those closest to them.

    However, I think that they do have a weaknesses and fears, foremost among which is the threat of abandonment. An additional weakness is their lack of insight into how their own behavior damages them and can create turmoil, chaos and pain and destruction in their own lives. For some of us who have experienced for many years the full range of inconsistent, delusional, manipulative, paranoid and violent behavior that these people visit upon their immediate family members, these periods of great personal insecurity and self-inflicted damage might seem (and I half delight in saying it) more like a form of personal damnation.

    To me, attempting to manipulate or control a psychopath is to unwittingly place yourself at their whim. You are much better off simply avoiding them altogether.

    • says

      You can easily manipulate a psychopath when you know the psycho pathology.
      They are easily flattered, so flatter, they seek power so offer the illusion, agree and listen censor your words remain polite & patronise.
      Never contradict them dont offer any real information.
      Our gut often gives you a heads up, we already walk on egg shells around disordered people, careful to self edit or curb spontaneous converstation.

      • FNP says

        If you’re trying to flatter me, I’ll just pretend to like it while I’m finding out everything about you.

        Besides, if you never contradict me, I’ll just show everyone around you video clips of you agreeing to my “unsavory” political views.

        In other words… If you do everything listed above, you’ll find yourself getting blackmailed into giving me anything I want.

        • John says

          I love how you are trying to sound intimidating. You perfectly resemble a wanna-be psychopath. All the shit you just said is so stereotypical. You’re trying way too hard.

          • FNP says

            Hint: if you think everyone that “resembles a wanna-be psychopath” acts the way an actual psychopath such as myself does, you’ll be in for a fun time when you find out that actual psychopaths are totally okay with you getting hurt.

            But, I’m sure you know me far better than the psychotherapist I saw for 4 1/2 years before moving from the US to Hungary did when I was assessed as psychopathic with a 35 on the PCL-R.

  4. says

    I married my first love at 18 because he got me pregnant out of wed lock! My parents are Lebanese Christians and I’m an only child. He was the one who announced my pregnancy in such a mean and destructive way. At that point I started to hate him, unfortunately my mother is so severely strict that she gave me an ultimatum, these were her exact words’ either I will actually kill you, or myself if you do not marry this man’ No daughter of mine is having a baby without marriage while living under her parents roof! The Lebanese community would look down upon us and ridicule me. I was miserable on my wedding day, he wanted me to have an abortion when I was 3 months pregnant and his whole demeanour changed but he did marry me. Our marriage was a disaster, my friends use to invite me when we were dating because his love was so outspoken and he use to turn the world upside down just to please me. I think he had started cheating on me with his ex girlfriend. So he broke my heart, even though our marriage was doomed from the beginning, I kept thinking that once I would deliver the baby that maybe he would treat me like the beginning and fall in love with his daughter but I was extremely foolish and that did not end up happening. I filed a restraining Oder against him once our daughter was 3 and he ended up in jail for robbing a bank due to his crack coccaine addiction that he later on developed. 15 years later, our daughter was 17, and I was extremes vulnerable coming out of another failed relationship and losing my job he came knocking on my daughter, after I left for 15 years we did not communicate much, but I let the past go and we were amicable.friends he use to always tell me that he still loves me and wanted his family back. I actually made a huge mistake and gave him the benefit of the doubt and took him back, let him enter my life again. We were an item for a year and believe it or not, it was the WORST year of my life. I then realized more that he was a scosiopath to the extreme. I actually decided to try crack with him out of curiosity, I asked him if I could try it because he actually smoked in front of me and never did before. Our life was hell for that year, I use to be best friends with my daughter. I use to travel with her every year since she was 10, and when her father and I were back together she started to HATE him and confronted me that I had changed and if I did not kick him out of our lives that she would leave herself. He did not give a care in the world, and would not leave. I had to file a restraining order again and he ended up going back to jail. Now I’m struggling with kicking this disgusting drug habit which I don’t even enjoy but he had isolated me from my friends and I have been feeling shitty and stupid. I know I will move forward but I need all the strength from God to move on!

  5. Rrose says

    Hoping someone could offer advice. I met a psychopath through a friend who was dating him and now I think he is going to try and kill me. In the pas like 6 years, I spent 8 months in a relationship with a sociopath and I know the manipulation tactics. I started hanging out with the new guy because I thought with loyalty and showing him there are good people in the world I could change him to respect his family and loyalty. i fell for him because he made me feel really good and I may very well be a narcissist . Realized that’s what this guy was much more sadistic then i innitially thought and flipped the game on him. He threatened my safety so silly me twisted a very detailed intricate story that I manipulated him the whole time just to get back at him for fucking with my favorite piece the best friend who’s my “bishop”. He was interested in me to play chess because I was the first female he ever met who could. I spun every detail of our relationship as a huge chess game I was playing andpulled details that further enforced the Web I was spinning. I had told him the one time we played that my favorite piece was the bishop. He beat me and kept complaining I didn’t move my pieces fast enough. So I told him I let him win to learn his strategy and it was as impulsive and sloppy as his manipulation techniques. that his whole life is a stalemate because he has no pieces to protect him or move on offense. Showed him how weak he was as a king with no loyal people to protect him i even took 2 of the girls he was manipulating away from him and they were on my team. When I found him with one girl before the grand reveal i was calm smiled and shake her hand. Then had a conversation with her for four hours subtly revealing details of mine and the guys personal life while belittling men who act like that. He revieled things he did in the past to his ex and child.all to intimidate me while i was calming mind fucking him. I played the game too. But I think I went to far and this dude might try to kill me. I bested him to the extreme and he might want revenge. He obviously has indirectly threatened my life so im not sure niw. Whoops

    • FNP says

      Here’s some advice for you:

      1. If you really want people to care about you or feel sorry for you or whatever emotional response you’re looking for, this really isn’t the place to get that. This is a blog by a psychopath largely for other antisocial or psychopathic people.

      2. Your entire story sounds like utter horseshit. The fact you type like a little kid really doesn’t help me believe a word you’re saying.

      3. Were you honestly expecting a response here that didn’t follow along the lines of “Hahaha serves you right, stupid neurotypical.”?

      P.S.: If you claim to have won or outgamed a sadistic psychopath, you haven’t. It’s this little strategy called “let them think they’ve won so it’ll be far more painful to them when they realize how badly they’ve lost”. Furthermore, there is absolutely no doubt that a sadistic psychopath will continue the game until they’ve crushed you.

      Source: I’m a sadistic psychopath who finds that playing these types of games with people is quite fun for me.

      • Rrose says

        I am not a child nor an idiot so don’t insult my intellegence. I know that he won’t stop the games but right now he is relishing in the fact that he successfully has the hamster wheel turning and im mind fucking myself wondering if he is coming to kill me. He left his nonsense book full of tweeker rambling about “military strategies”, refuses to allow me to leave it outside my door, and will not let me drop it at his mother’s house. He theatened bodily harm to me if I did anything but wait for him to come and get it. So the mind fuck continues I just wonder how serious his intent is. And if he is truly capable of murder.

        • FNP says

          I call things when I see them.

          You expected a blog full of psychopaths and like-minded people to take your side.

          This is what pegs you as an idiot.

          As for if he’s capable of murder… Everybody is capable of murder. The question is whether or not you’re capable of separating reality from the fantasy that you have in your head of you winning this scenario.

      • Rrose says

        I must also say that I wonder if perhaps I am the psycho. Maybe he isn’t a master manipulator and I’ve given him too much credit. He played the whole time until I spun my sophisticated web back at him. Now it’s radio silence and either he is scared out of his mind because he is disturbed but not a true psychopath or he I’d and knows my mind better thought and is letting his threats fester. Or im completely delusional haha. That’s the fun part, the thrill of not knowing.

        • FNP says

          The fun part is making people like you believe that you’re crazy or insane or psychotic or whatever. The fact that you honestly think that I will actually care about you is hilarious to me, since I don’t ever expect sadistic psychopaths to care about me like you seem to.

          To you, a normal response is to support you in this.

          To me, a normal response is to imagine you in an ever-growing pool of blood (not necessarily yours, I just like blood). Or skinned alive. Or as a corpse that I’m busy having a field day with.

          You don’t really seem to understand what the situation is here.

          • FNP says

            The way I play mindgames with people doesn’t involve me being kind and caring to them at the start. I can’t honestly be bothered to do that.

        • John says

          It is actually very amusing that you think you may be a psychopath. You are far from one. You’re trying to sound tough and intelligent, but it’s not working. You’re a simpleminded, overconfident neurotypical. You probably couldn’t even manipulate a neurotypical with average intelligence. This story is complete bull shit. Are you expecting we be impressed?

          • FNP says

            Yes, I’m sure you know me so very well. After all, you’ve read my book right?

            You havent?


            Guess you’re the simple-minded, overconfident fuckwit.

            Come back when you’ve actually learned something about the world.

            P.S.: Yes, I’ve written a book and gotten it published. It’s about politics though, so someone like yourself probably wouldn’t be able to read it. It’s above your grade level.

          • John says

            That was actually directed towards Rrose, but wow am I impressed that you wrote a book! Thank you so much for telling me your of your great accomplishment. It was perfectly relevant to the conversation.

  6. Anon says

    Sure, a psychopath can be manipulated – so long as fury is what you’re aiming for. Just be sure that you’re well out of reach and s/he has no way of finding you, or anything that matters to you.

        • says

          I would be saying that I wouldnt hesitate ANYTHING just because there is a psychopath present and i was just demonstrating how you wre going off of everyones comment and how you forgot the topic of the actual post

          • FNP says

            The topic of the post is whether or not psychopaths are more easily manipulated than neurotypicals.

            You still haven’t managed to manipulate anybody into doing anything.

          • says

            Im not trying to do that ,no matter how many times it is said ……im only responding true answers to comments …….Duh ……your a fool if you think that is whats going on here

  7. says

    Surely the psychopath expert here must have some interesting to say ,at least! And not just going off of others comments just to APPEAR more intelligent. And let me say to that psychopath ,your ignorance is portrayed through your suspicions!!!

    • FNP says

      I’m assuming you mean me as “that psychopath”?

      If so, I have no idea what suspicions you’re talking about. I’m quite sure I haven’t expressed my paranoid side at all on this post’s comments section.

      • says

        Did i say you or did you feel it was you speaking off of everyones comments and not really having one of your own? Answer yes then ya meant you.Also your paranoid side is more interesting then yes please continue.

          • FNP says

            Nobody here claims to be an expert on psychopathy, but a number of us have a lifetime’s worth of experience on the subject to draw upon.

            Unlike you.

          • says

            Correction, Puff- you did in fact say “that psychopath”, and was definately planted to be perceived as being pointed at FNP-
            You did, however, say “psychopath expert”, too, but that was more toward the beginning of ur statement. Which was subtle, yet a transparent form of insulting sarcasm, also intended to be perceived as pointing at FNP..
            I’m honesty finding this whole thread quite amusing to read-
            Puff, your very naive attempt at emotional manipulation on FNP was well played- at least it would have been if FNP wasn’t psych’ly disordered, and expertly equipped in the field of manipulation and emotional reading..

            I’ve done a bit of an analysis of ur tactful attempt- this approach is a common tool used by manipulators, called

            Your approach was an attempt at emotional manipulation with a subtle accusation, disguised as a deniable implication and intellectual insult-
            the accusation being that FNP has not only no personal opinion to claim, but also lacks the intelligence to form one, and has instead copied others’ replies – (intelligence insult).
            You then DENIED ever implying such an accusation at all. (denial being a tool used to trick the other person into questionable confusion). You followed with completely shifting blame stance, with an intended “feelings” statement – using that, and your previous denial, as forms of distraction. Designed to take the focus off u for being accusatory and insulting, and turn it on to FNP- in an attempt at projecting the given abuse while shifting the minset of the target and allowing you to evade blame or admitting to any wrong doing…
            Although, really, it proves pointless in this circumstance, as FNP no doubt uses these tactics notoriously, and is equipped to deal with recognise them.. Also, FNP has the added advantage of lacking the very thing this form of manipulation is designed to target- an intellectual and mature (aka-normal) response to EMOTIONS- with a “No Fucks Given” kinda attitude, this form of manipulation against a psych would be ineffective- only causing the psych to rage at the person for attempting to injure them..

            Now, to an average empath/non Psych, this would be a very effective “crazy/rage making” tool for a Psych to use.. The level of frustration evoked in an empath would be maximum, tending to the psychs need for chaos.

            Ie: In one short sentence, the manipulator (psych) has carefully implied an accusation, and intentionally planting it to be perceived by the empath as an insult – lack of intelligence – which manipulates the empaths behaviour to go in to defence mode, seeming “crazy” and “over reactive” when defending, giving the psych more ammo to throw, and keeping the subject off the original topic at hand (whatever that may have been).

            This is not only the psych projecting their own offensive behaviours onto the empath, but also, ending the statement with another accusation- of paranoia – gives the empath no time to defend the first accusation before being overwhelmed with having to defend against another one..
            Total mind fuck for the empath and a victorious win for the psych..

          • says

            Or maybe YOUR ignorance is portrayed through your suspicions !!! After reading your book ,I see that it is what your about and writting another will only prove me right!

      • FNP says

        Funny how you think that a published author like myself is unintelligent.

        Perhaps it’s because you can’t read.

        • John says

          Again, I am not talking to you, and I don’t give a shit about your book. I get it, you’re a published author. Congrats, buddy!

          • FNP says

            I wonder, how is it you believe you’re not talking to me?

            You respond only to my words, after all.

  8. Jessica Kelly says

    What in the literal fuck is going on with this article? There are many better articles to flame over.

      • FNP says

        She probably would, but it takes a lot more work to write an article than it does for you to tell her to fuck off on her own blog…

        • Anonymous says

          She is trying manipulation to see if she can get a psychopath to waste energy on her and maybe loose their cool in fury. Obviously thinks she can succeed.

          • FNP says

            Heh, if a major shitstorm on social media doesn’t piss me off, what makes puffa think that being a little kid will?

          • FNP says

            If your interests aren’t what the articles are about, why are you here? This is a blog about psychopathy, written by a psychopath, and I’m pretty sure she’s covered every aspect of it by now.

          • beneficii says

            What else do you guys expect from someone who calls themselves “puffahoness”?

        • Jessica Kelly says

          I just don’t understand why NTs come around these parts expecting sympathy. It blows my fucking mind.

          • FNP says

            There’s probably some fucked-up psychology behind it, but what’s worse is when they expect sympathy or empathy even after they’ve been told the person they’re interacting with is a sadistic psychopath who gets off on their pain and suffering.

          • cynthia snook says

            Anything else I want to add to this ? ?? Yes one more thing ,I do believe that psychopaths are easier to manipulate then normal people

          • FNP says

            Amaze us all with your prowess at manipulating psychopaths, then.

            Hint: me posting comments on this blog isn’t you manipulating me.

        • FNP says

          You’re either not a native English speaker, or you’re a little kid. Your comments are pretty badly written, and often make little sense.

          Also you have no idea how to use punctuation correctly.

  9. says

    I just manipulated you into making yourself look dumb ,and if you think i was targeting you for manipulation let me say this …..YOU ARE NOT THAT FAMOUS!!

    • FNP says

      In reality, you have absolutely no clue who I am or what position I hold. For all you know, I could be a member of government, a CEO, or European royalty.

      One of those things is actually true about me, and it’s not the CEO one or the European royalty one.

      Yes, I’ve been a member of government for 8 months now.

      City government, but it’s not like I can be a senator or president yet anyway.

  10. Rrose says

    You seem upset.

    Eh i have no qualms with admitting that I’m exceedingly arrogant. I didn’t come here expecting empathy or compassion. I just enjoy people with unconventional perceptions and thought processes. I like to take apart the clock and see what makes them tick.

    I came here seeking thought clarity during a psychosis. I have BPD so i can’t turn to a conventional thinker to find solid ground because their minds are stuck in auto-pilot and they can’t even comprehend what thought manipulation is.

    Ignore the crazy girl who randomly strolled up in your house, laid on your couch and tried to basically initiate a therapy session.

    You have a lovely home btw.

  11. Rrose says

    Chick seriously lol? Set down the pipe you’re smoking. She thinks she is a vigilante.

    Are you here to concur the narcissists and psychopaths?

    Did your Narc discard you for the new and shiny supply? Are you here to defend the honor of all those mind fucked in recent past?

    I’ll give you some advice then. It isn’t quick sand, It’s a puddle of mud. If you were slipping and you wanted out then next time, just pick up your damn feet and walk away ha-ha.

  12. says

    I was tired of it a long time ago and i would love to go but your bad mouthing makes me stay and someone who you say you want them to go,but then analize them , access them,judge the person,and suggest your diagnosis without even talking .!!

    • Rrose says

      Well I certainly know you’re not lol. You have no control of your emotions. And I’m not lol but you’re not even an amateur and I’ve grown bored of your need for attention. And everyone else here DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK HAHA.

      Eat a meal, put down the pipe and go to sleep. Good night

    • FNP says

      Do normal people envision slicing you open just to see how you bleed? I’ve been thinking of that whenever you post a stupid comment.

  13. Rrose says

    Well I guess that settles that. The “neurotypical” convinced the “sadistic psychopath” that any of this dance was about anything more than enraging him. which I am pretty sure is a manipulation as you were pushed to react and it’s what he wanted. but don’t kill the messenger lol.

    • Jessica Kelly says

      I’m way too lazy to read all of this train wreck, but now is as good as time as any to say that I’m taking a break from blogging to explore video game development. Beep. Boop.

    • says

      Oh dear. I’ve clearly made u feel the need to repeat urself by not replying to ur first and second comments at me.. I didn’t realise it was mandatory to. My bad.

      Umm, what are my suspicions exactly, pray tell-?

        • cynthia snook says

          But rebecca you cant manipulate the obvious and the arguement is your never ending attempts to outshine any others who outshine you,brings me to chose a way out in order for the obvious to be no longer for me to witness ! In other words…..if i wanted to kill myself I would certianly be able to by jumping from your ego ,on to your iq! Ha

  14. cynthia snook says

    Psychopaths or non psychopaths both groups can not compete with my faster than light wit!!! Hint : you already tried numerous times in this thread alone…go ahead ,start over ,the ending with prove the truth!

  15. Onidandal says

    Read the comments. Huh. At first, it was easy enough to spot psychopathy, but if you took some of the last comments out of context, any neurotypical done with this shit would empathize with a psychopath’s annoyed demeanor without thinking of them as a psychopath. Various other quirks made this an interesting study. FNP was quite eager to rile the neurotypical, including portraying a self-image of gorephilia. (Not sure if that’s an actual term. Bear with me.) The neurotypical was so easy to see through, with their one goal of manipulating a psychopath, that all they needed was riling up and a moment’s belief that they won in order to effectively troll them. They almost trolled themselves. Of course, there are always unexpected consequences to these sorts of things. The unexpected consequence being that she wouldn’t shut the fuck up. Of course, this is all stuff you’ve lived your whole lives with. As a neurotypical who was emotionally violated by a psychopath for a year of schooling, I find psychopathy to be an interesting subject. That may be my masochistic curiosity talking, but the perspective of a psychopath intrigues me.

    • FNP says

      A few things:

      1. What you refer to as “gorephilia” is the combination I have of sadism, necrophilia and hematolagnia.

      2. I mostly just find it amusing to piss off neurotypicals, as they haven’t yet managed to actually piss me off and it frustrates the hell out of them that I don’t react the way they think I should.

      3. Funnily enough, Cynthia is only the 2nd person I’ve managed to turn into a gibbering pile of goo via words on a screen. The other one actually spent a day or two in a psych ward over it, but that was over on ye olde tumblr.

      • Onidandal says

        On Tumblr, lots of people are already gibbering piles of goo. That’s not difficult. 😛 Also, different people get pissed off over different things, it’s just that you’re an oddball that doesn’t get pissed at anything a neurotypical would, so they’re flying blind in that area. Information asymmetry is fun. I never knew that hematolagnia was a thing, but I guess that there’s a fetish for everything. Cynthia is a bit amusing, especially since she can literally stop commenting at any point and people would go on as if a bug flew by. No one’s commenting to her, except to respond and tell her to leave, and she chose to get notified of new comments, if she claims that people are “inviting her here” and that she “left”. She’s just doing this to herself for attention, everyone knows it, and now she can’t claim otherwise because if she did, she would be implying that she never left in the first place and is looking for our comments through her emails or by browsing the site. For the sake of her ego, she can’t do that.

        Desperation. Fun fun fun!

        • Cynthia L Snook says

          Each time someone comments “mentioning my name” then im going to respond and say the same thing until it sinks in your rock heads ,desparate is your attempts to get me to leave ,but now after I made it clear you think it would be easy to just stop talking about me ,after all this cannot be “that interesting “dayamm!

          • Onidandal says

            I’d imagine that there are a few people who are annoyed at you, but you’re just too funny. Why do you feel the need to respond to people? Are you gonna try the ‘I already left’ thing, again? Stay! Be our monkey! It’s a lot more fun, that way, and I know you’ll never leave. Can’t wait to see what you do, next! Also, you’d comment regardless of whether or not we said your name, anywhere. You need us. 🙂

          • Cynthia L Snook says

            So can i go now or was that an insult? Well im not going to be labled as a monkey and not be insulted but coming from psychopaths who think they are psychics,let me tell you ,I think you more like side-kicks not psychics!

          • Onidandal says

            So… you’re staying? Cool! In reference to everyone here, you are acting like a monkey. What are we to do but comment on our observations? That’s not being psychic, that’s being observant. I’m flattered that you think I may be psychopathic. I wish I had that level of emotional detachment. But nah. You’re just funny to watch. 😀 Also… we’ll label you whatever we want. It’s the internet, and this is a small community of people. That’s how that works. Kay, monkey? 😀

      • FNP says

        Cynthia has a serious problem. It’s really kinda pathetic how much she needs this comments section to flourish for her own self-image.

        • Cynthia L Snook says

          Too bad your opinion comes from a person who gains his self esteem from a blog.Also if you dont want me to comment ,stop inviting me here moron

          • James says

            Cynthia Snook, I got nothing of substance from you. So what did you say exactly as a comment that is truly germane to this post?

          • Anonymous says

            How about STOP asking me to comment on this dumbass lame topic that has no RIGHT answer when talking amongst a bunch of idiots who like to argue,hows that?

          • Cynthia L Snook says

            And yes its cynthia speaking but I had already left this blog because it bored me so much but then someone allways comments to me asking me back ,just so they can say why you here!!!! Dumbasses,even after I went anonymous you STILL asking me back or trying to me to comment,so if you want me gone STOP TALKING TO ME YOU WEIRDOS,dayam dont you think this is boring? Sheesh

  16. james says

    Cynthia, when you have nothing to say, it’s okay to just shut the hell up, like at this point. If you go away, you won’t be missed. But you care a lot, so you are here, acting like a little girl losing her marbles

    • Cynthia L Snook says

      Well if you stop commenting to me i would collect marbles and go somewhere less BORING,but you keep sending me notifications cuz you do miss me you pathedic last word bitch!hows that

  17. Cynthia L Snook says

    What a hard headed group,its simple stop “mentioning my name” and i will stop responding ,the only desparate thing is your attempts to make me go away,after all this cannotbe that interesting is it?

  18. Cynthia L Snook says

    Die hards spinning in circles is boring to normal people and annoying ,just stop ,talk about something else you weirdos

  19. Cynthia L Snook says

    Can I go now or maybe you can block me so I wont get notified again cuz see this is fun to you,but boring ,annoying and boring again……

    • Onidandal says

      Or, you can ignore the comment section. The only one saying that they need to stay is you, isn’t it? I mean, I’d be glad if you stayed! More fun for us. I never said that you had to, though.

      • Cynthia L Snook says

        Well ya … body speaks for me but me,duh…….so shut fucks up and LET ME ignore comments and dont make any more lure -ing me back to repeat this …..uuuhh tanx

  20. Cynthia L Snook says

    So the answer to this question has obviously one answer “the psychopath can be manipulated only by others whom insist on the last word because they lead the psychpth into thinking that they are manipulating” and which is “fun” to the psychopast beyond any means !!!!

  21. Cynthia L Snook says

    Because ive manipulated you to give me your undivided attention and NOW , your question is answered so im going now because you got nothing else to learn here

  22. Cynthia L Snook says

    What you want me to sing now cuz the song will make you comment some more and then once you realize that a monkey manipulated you into reading this bullshit ,then yes you were manipulated into paying attention and trying to put monkey beneath you but instead the monkey took you to school….except for about two of you missed the bus altogether, there is your substance for the day you fuk

    • Onidandal says

      Lol, k. I just find your flailing about to be hilarious. I seriously doubt that you’ll leave. Why would you? You seem so intent on being in the right that you’ll fake leaving in order to elicit a reaction. I’d say that I was successful in pissing you off, little monkey. I found this blog, and started paying attention regardless of your presence. You’re just the humor. Besides… you don’t know manipulation. Just shitposting.

    • FNP says

      Cynthia, you are perhaps the worst person at manipulation I’ve ever encountered.

      After all, if you’re the god of manipulation that you claim to be, why aren’t you capable of making me care about you?

  23. Sophie says

    Hi all

    I’m a first time reader here.

    I am not a sociopath or psychopath, but I’m not an NT either. I have high functioning autism, which means I attract sociopaths like a moth (I can’t read people) but after careful observation, and thanks to the delay in emotional response, I can identify them, and deal with a sociopath with a an acceptable level of control (whether perceived or real doesn’t matter – if it’s real to me, then it’s real).

    I’ve left 2 sociopaths relatively unscathed – by that I mean I’m still alive and well, still relatively well-adjusted despite going through a living nightmare by all accounts.

    The thing that ‘helped’ the most in trying to deal with a sociopath / psychopath (not sure what the right terminology is but I don’t think it matters seeing as I don’t anticipate sensibilities to be hurt here either way and I’m not that bothered about getting a lecture on the difference, if any) is getting a read on how big the ego is (they can sometimes get a bit blinded by their own sense of superiority, which makes them feel untouchable; this sense they have of being unbreakable, above everything is helpful when you are planning your way out), and meticulously preparing my exit under cover.

    A sociopath’s intelligence isn’t limitless – they think it is, but it isn’t. The proof is when they go into damage control and repair their mistakes with revenge. When revenge happens, the ‘game’ (or whatever it’s called) is lost. However successful or sadistically enjoyable that revenge is, however cruel it is, the fact the sociopath has to go through these lengths to repair their temporary lack of control and / or avoid being rumbled is a loss in itself – could be that the sociopath sees their revenge as the ultimate win, but again that is perception.

    A win in a ‘game’ for one can’t be much of a win, especially if the target is weak-minded or vulnerable to start with anyway.

    I wouldn’t personally attempt to manipulate a sociopath, but that’s because I don’t really care about manipulating anyone. I don’t find sociopaths to be higher beings because they lack empathy or a conscience – given sociopathy is borne of a mix of neuro-psychological dysfunction at birth and / or some sort of childhood trauma (real or perceived), and given it can’t be cured or changed, essentially it can’t be helped so it’s not like it’s a well honed special skill; it just is.

    I know some are high functioning and some low functioning, but either way it’s a personality disorder, not a gift from the Gods so any claim of superiority is really just that – a claim. A personal perception.

    People who care about stuff already consider this to be on the loser side of life – ok so you get high on sniffing blood and hurting people; that’s dangerous and totally fucked up but it’s not some revolutionary stuff. Others before were sociopaths, others after will be sociopaths. Sucks to cross their path for sure, but a genuinely sorted person surrounded by a well-adjusted, caring and infallible support system can survive most situations, and thrive and be happy post-sociopath.

    The sociopath’s shallow pursuits and endless quest to quell the boredom won’t ever lead to true happiness. It’s a good job they don’t care; at least they will never know what they’re missing.

    So don’t bother manipulating or trying to exact revenge on a sociopath – it’s / they are not worth it. I’d instead encourage empaths to surround themselves with as many kind, sincere and genuine people as they can (there are more of them than there are dysfunctional people) for when the shit hits the fan after the sociopath has done their baseless, somewhat predictable evil work and are on the hunt for their next victim, you will have people around who have your back.

    Again, it’s all about perception – let them have their win; that’s all they can have. Empaths can have everything else.

      • Sophie says

        Ah, generic platitudes territory. I was hoping for better, yet I’m not surprised. Never mind.

        Happy New Year though, eh…

        • FNP says

          I read your entire rant about how you think this site is actually psychopathfree or some shit like that.

          Welcome to the real world, where psychopaths look at all of these “only a psychopath would do this” articles, and don’t do those things. The big thing you seem clueless about is the fact that psychopaths don’t give up a game until we’ve won it, and then usually keep the game going just to fuck with somebody.

          • Sophie says

            What have you been reading, man? I was just answering the OP.

            Yeah, I already know about the game, the win, the not caring, the fucking someone’s life for sport, the anger, the getting all pissy when you don’t get your way, the showing those poor suckers who’s boss.

            So what? What exactly is your point? That you win all your games? That you’ve got super extra powers of zooming in on vulnerable people because you don’t care and you have no conscience and that means you can’t lose?

            I’m not even disputing that man, you don’t give up until you’ve won your game because why not and you have nothing else to do, right? Whatever dude, clearly it means that much to you. Some people can and do see right through your shit, that’s why so many of you end up in prison, but whatever.

            Either way, once you’re bored and you’ve won, that victim of yours is shot of you, even in death.

            So you know, win win in the end.

  24. Anonymous says

    This is totally scripted right? This shit cant be real. It reads like an attempt by film students to write an “edgy” or “dark” story about the ever “Mysterious Psychopath”. Teacher says “Class, what the moral to the story?”
    Class replies in unison “The easiest way to destroy a psychopath is to put him in a room with another psychopath!” A fabled ending, really? So cheesy. Although, I will give you credit for passing off a sample of your script as a blog to see if the market bites.

    • FNP says

      Since you seem so very knowledgeable about psychopaths, why don’t you dazzle us all with your immense understanding?

      Oh, right… because you’re a pathetic excuse for a meat suit.

      • Sophie says

        Can you not hold a normal conversation without dishing out facile insults, or does being a psychopath also limit your ability for a reasoned dialogue, on top of everything else? Actually, don’t bother replying to that, I already know the answer.

        Since I can’t reply to your previous ‘contribution’ directly – you know, that cleverly crafted one

        ‘FNP says
        January 25, 2017 at 7:33 pm

        Aww, are you trying to convince me that you’re winning?’

        See I don’t give a flying fuck about winning a silly online argument with a nutcase – by your own admission, you’re the one who is incapable of processing situations that don’t end up in you winning or ‘getting bored’ (we call it losing in our world, but we wouldn’t want to hurt your fragile little ego now, would we..).

        So enlighten me: did you win yet, or did you get bored? Either way, your one-liners, while totally devoid of any content or originality, are quite entertaining – so you win on pointless jabs I guess. Well done you :).

  25. Tina says

    I am new here. First of all, is it smart decision to manipulate psychopath, by his fear of being exposed? I mean we have child together, and every time he is not willing to pay child support, I contact his family, work, and ask to remind him of payment. I understand that he wants to look good and caring in front of others. So I use it.
    Another question would be, what are dangers after divorcing psychopath? He threw me away. It means that everything is over, and I don’t have to be afraid anymore? He thinks that he broke me, and from time to time I write some desperate emails, how bad my life is and how he destroyed it (then in fact everything is okey). Is it smart to do that? Or I can be calm, and stop everything?

    • Berry! says

      The two best advices I got on this blog, from FNP and Jessica, on something mostly unrelated, apply here:
      1) Psychos hate boredom, so being boring is something of a repellant.
      2) Psycho’s are into Power and Control. Loosing either one attracts their attention.
      3) Even when communication APPEARS to cease, they may well be continuing to watch you from the background (look at things you post, following up on things they know you’re involved in, etc), continuing to gather ‘ammo’ on you even tho ya’ll have ceased to be an item, and YOU think ya’ll are done.

      That has proved to be true in my case – based on finally seeing a pinhole of NT ‘logic’ in what Jessica and JNP said, I decided NOT to continue to be a ‘potted plant’, and said that disrespect was a show stopper for me. So we parted ways, with him probably assuming that if he didn’t speak to me for a few weeks, I’d call back. I never did – the standard advice (‘cease all communication, permanently). I still care a great deal about his mother, and send her flowers regularly. The last time I sent them, as bait, for the FIRST TIME EVER, he made a picture of her holding them, and sent me a message saying that ‘We appreciated the flowers’. I said they were welcome, and I hoped that she knew that her ability to have acceptance about her blindness, and to focus on the things she COULD do is the most admirable attribute I know, in a person I know. BUT – and again, thanks to Jessica and JNP for their years of honest candor about how they thing and what – he followed my response with, “Thanks for responding. We almost lost her and you would never known what happened. I pray you keep in touch if you choose too.”

      That was a threat, of sorts, as I took it. it basically said, “if you don’t stay in touch, and something happens to Myrna, I will not tell you. When you find out, you will have missed the funeral, etc.”. but because of this blog, I understood that he was saying, “I assessed the sitch and realized that I can do more by NOT telling you (i.e. you will have mental suffering because you didn’t get to say goodbye to someone you care about, so I can therefore punish you for having ended it), than I can by TELLING you (which might get us speaking again, so *I* can then be the one to end it, as an exertion of MY power and control, and not by YOUR hand).

      Then today, after quite a while of me not taking that bait, and NOT staying in touch (I just reached out to 3 other people that also know her, and asked them to let me know if anything happened to her), the Quora system sent me an email, telling me that I was being ‘followed’ on that service – that any questions I ask, or answers I post, will be on his news feed.

      So, all of this is to say that if you can 1) be cordial, so he continues to believe he has the same power/control he has now (which is none, but it doesn’t appear his is aware of that), and 2) not BECOME interesting (by rocking the boat), and 3) remember that he probably IS continuing to follow up on you because you DID wrest some power and control over yourself and ya’lls family from him, you’ll help yourself ‘bore himself to death’ with you, and that seems the better track. Dunno if that helps, but that’s my experience.

      • FNP says

        The very fact that you’re here, on a blog written by a psychopath, and largely catering to psychopaths and other antisocial types, proves that you’re not so free as you think.

        Experience has taught me that many people I fuck with believe I’m done with them if I let them stew about it for a month or three. Experience has also taught me that it’s far more fun to do so, and return to fuck with them after they believe I’ve grown bored with them.

        PS: It’s also pretty easy for most psychopaths to tell when someone is pretending to feel a certain way. It comes from the fact we’ve all practiced that same thing, so it’s very easy to spot in you.

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