Bloodsucker … The Parasitic Psychopath

I make more than the rest of my family combined, yet I’m always looking for handouts.  I pay my debts only when the proverbial gun at my head.  As a psychopath, I always take more than I give.  I, and my brethren, are delightfully parasitic.  When you think of a parasite, you undoubtedly think of something like a mosquito.  It draws blood from its host and gives nothing in return.  It must do so in order to live.  However, the host rarely cares about the well-being of the bloodsucker.

This parasitic ability is found in nearly all of the psychopath’s actions.  From the one-sided relationship with benefits to the power dynamics exerted in business, the psychopath at all times looks for ways to receive more than they give.  Neurotypicals think of symbiotic relationships and exchanges of power where each party gives reciprocally to that which they receive.  This is unheard of for the psychopath unless there is a benefit to be had in the grand scheme of things.

In my own life it is difficult to point to any one event that exemplifies the parasitic mindset that I possess.  These days, I still find myself being a parasite toward those that I do not have full respect for, and even those that I do (although with less malicious intent).  Ultimately though, my marriage is a good example of my ways, however.  I wooed my ex-husband with the greatest flattery and charm and then disregarded him when we actually became married.  I would rarely cook; knowing that he would.  I would not run errands; knowing that he would.  And, I would spend his income as if it were my own without ever exposing my own pursestrings (I knew that he was privy to frugality).  Ultimately he would leave after I bled him dry of coin and mind.

As with all traits that are measured by appropriate diagnostic tools, the trait must have been exhibited in a pervasive fashion.  No one event can cause an individual to test positive for psychopathy.  I feel that of the many traits that form the condition, this parasitic mindset is one that permeates the most.  Lying, manipulation, and a lack of empathy fuel the psychopath’s parasitic ways.  As we will see later, multiple marriages become common as the psychopath bleeds one spouse dry only to find another.  Psychopaths are human leeches.

No, the host may not be concerned with the health of its nuisance.  That said, it is not personal when a leech attaches itself to its host.  It seeks its nutrients in anyway possible and it has evolved to take it by force.  The psychopath is merely a parasitic savant, choosing targets to bleed dry in order for its own survival.  He knows no other way.  The psychopath’s bloodsucking ways have no benefit to those they choose to feed on.  Ultimately, the host must remove its own parasite.  Otherwise, they will be bled dry before the leech moves onto its next target.

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  1. Sharon Jarrell says

    Can someone be be bipolar and psychopatic? Narcissism is also present. This person as a teenager set a fire under a siblings bed and also tried to poison their father. The teen ‘rescued’ his twin sister at the last minute, and his father luckily was able to notice rat poisoning in his food before eating it. Fast forward 17 years and at age 32 this man cannot hold a job, heavy drug user and drinker, and is the parasite that you so eloquently described.

    • FNP says

      Nothing you described appears to bear any relation to being bipolar. But you clearly haven’t read much of the stuff here, or you’d know that it’s definitely possible to be bipolar and psychopathic.

  2. h says

    I am sorry, but I think you are not a psychopath any more. Where is your drive to succeed at any cost? Where is your confidence and your self love? I see the beginnings of regret for a live lived, the pinnings over yesterday that can not be undone. I see an attempt to denounce one grouping of people as useless, while presenting another as saints.
    Alas, it is not that way. I think you make a mistake, and a really big one. You gotta wake up while you still have the energy to do so.

    Its a cruel world. The social veneer makes it seem mild. It is not. The weak dependd on the strong. The less intelligent on the more intelligent. And so on and so forth. Most of the time, the smart one is forced to do things to avoid pitfalls, only to be derided by the rest.
    Making apologies for the way the world runs is a mistake. Accepting an inferior state of being instead of adopting an inferior one is not sensible.
    The only way you can help others is to have a strong enough control of your environment that you can create some peace for others.
    You will always make people unhappy. There is a difference between helping people and living their lives for them.
    Taking an inferior viewpoint in life will never help you win. Unfortunately, its all about winning. Just make sure to include as many as possible.
    There is more to life than moping around, seriously

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