What Have You Done For Me? – Psychopathic Allegiance (Part 2)

A trend that I’ve noticed among the psychopaths that I communicate with is that we do not sit around granting our allegiance to those that do not benefit us.  I first wrote on allegiance many moons ago.  I wrote then that there was simply no point in allying oneself with those that do not offer some tangible benefit in the present.  Whether it is the transgender woman hoping to reap the benefits of feminism or the polyamorous trying to benefit from the movement to redefine marriage in a more just fashion, there is simply little to gain from aligning oneself out of the “goodness of their heart.”

I am not feminist – nothing in it for me.  I am not an ardent supporter of gay rights – nothing in it for me.  I am not out advocating schizophrenia awareness – nothing in it for me.  Too often, groups are shortsighted with their vision and apply their “progressive” natures only to their own cherished in-group.  When I ask myself the question of “what have you done for me recently?” to these groups, the answer is nearly always the same: jack shit.

All that is left are my own two hands.  And with these hands, I will help only myself.  I am the only one that cares about my own personal wants and needs and, at least, I can quantify my own metrics of change and my own measures of success – having no one else to place my hope in and no one else to blame.  I am very selfish in this sense.  If my actions benefit a larger group, it is because they benefit – most importantly – me.

I will not lose sleep over what is best for the human condition as a whole.  Endeavors that seek to grant rights to others that are not myself may be worthy to some but are worthless to me.  Rest assured, if I’m supporting your cause, it is certainly because it benefits me – even if that benefit is to only appear as a concerned mannequin in the grand circle jerk of life.   That is, I may appear concerned and engaged so long as there is an elevation in status for doing so or a penalty for not doing so.

Fight the fights you wish to battle, but don’t count me in.   Humanity will always be selfish with the target of their benevolence and I will be equally as selfish with my own targeted indifference.   Your tears are not worth my blood and sweat.

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  1. Claire burns says

    The answer to your statement is hidden in your writing.
    Circle Jerk.
    If you don’t jerk your neighbour then no one jerks you and the circle jerk is no more and we all drift off into the woods.
    If you want it you have to throw a little contribution in every now and then….for no good reason….just because you could…
    Doing things for other people for no good reason is like giving your spare change to the charity box every time you go to the bar. If everyone did that you would need a security van to take the boxes away at the end of he week.
    Altruism is Blue Sky Thinking.

    • Anathema says

      Yes, there is no such thing as true altruism – much more is quid pro quo or a symptom of self-aggrandizing. That said, I do think that there are certain schools of thought that have established themselves as being “worthless” to certain demographics. Maybe they will come around in the future – such as with many feminists regards toward transgender people – or maybe they will not. But, in the moment, it seems most advantageous to simply not expend energy on those that fight for causes that do not benefit oneself. I’m struggling to see the upshot here as I do not have an empathic connection to their cause.

      • Claire burns says

        It’s a gamble, a matter of cold, logical, statistics. Chuck in your loose change. You won’t miss it. Nothing may come of it, ever, but you won’t miss it but you’re pulling a leaver, no matter how small. One day so something may come of it and you can laugh and say “Ha! I did that” . It could be the old , found a £10 in my jeans pocket, I forgot about, thing. Remember, you are a role model for many and you took the pledge.

        • Anathema says

          Very true. I guess it’s a matter of reframing the value add for the psychopath. That said, can the efforts of one who is not emotionally invested be as useful to the target group as those of one fighting alongside them out of a deep seated feeling from the heart?

          • Claire burns says

            The efforts of the emotionally dis invested are often much more useful as they can see things in an objective light and not clouded with emotion.
            At the end of the day neurotypicals are all just guns for hire as well. There’s a massive amount of self interest there and most people can be turned for the right price – It’s just neurotypicals do a lot of hand wringing about it. I’m saying this with authority as I am one.

  2. Anathema says


    Well said. I guess when it comes to human interactions, NTs and psychopaths need not be that far apart. Maybe the psychopathic mind is simply more honest with the motivations and intentions?

  3. says

    I like this article, because it’s true. It’s part of why I’ve decided, now, to stick with some trans activism. In that, it benefits me to fight for trans rights because trans rights are my rights.

    Fighting for gay rights does nothing for me, nor does pretending to care about their issues.

  4. Claire burns says

    You know, in the N T world, there are very few altruistic people. Most of us do almost everything out of self interest, from where we shop ( hence the rise of the supermarket and the death of the small local retailer) to who we vote for to who we give charity to ( or don’t, as the case may be).
    As a NT, I certainly wouldn’t consider for a moment, joining a campaign for ASPD rights as I would take up my time and effort and give me nothing in return and I think most of us NT’s work that way. I don’t think this attitude is exclusive to Sociopaths.
    I’ve wandered into this sphere to investigate myself and test out theories I have about the world and the way it works,amending them as I get feedback. I wouldn’t be here otherwise.
    It’s really interesting as things are being explained to me and things are coming into focus.
    Your latest tweet echoes what I’m saying here.
    I wish I could see the NT world through your eyes and tell you what. I think you have right and what you have wrong.

    • Anathema says

      “You know, in the N T world, there are very few altruistic people. Most of us do almost everything out of self interest, from where we shop ( hence the rise of the supermarket and the death of the small local retailer) to who we vote for to who we give charity to ( or don’t, as the case may be).”

      Yep. We aren’t that different.

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