Bite the Bullet

As the long-time reader surely knows by now, I am a huge advocate of discourse.  I hold nothing sacred and I expect any intellectual to do the same.  Only by exposing multiple viewpoints, warts and all, can the difficult questions of individual rights versus societal rights be fleshed out.  And, only if all are given a seat at the table with their faces revealed can such discourse really reach maximum potential.

I’ve wrestled with the very personal questions of being open and remaining in the relative safety of the shadows.  But, I guess that ship sailed when I gave a presentation on psychopathy last fall.  Part of me desperately wants to remain invulnerable, but I need to walk the walk for all of the talking that I do.

Discourse cannot be had without those willing to listen, however.  And, for you my readers I am especially grateful.  Whenever I’ve run out of things to say or begin to doubt the very words that I write, you’ve always been there to give my ego the boost it needed to proceed.

Six months ago, I began an ambitious project in order to bring everything into focus for myself.  It has been nearly a year, at the time of this post, since I was confirmed — by a mental health professional — to be psychopathic.  This blog began as a means to digest that new found label and it has since turned into so much more.  Many have thanked me for my relatively uncensored approach to the subject and for the way that my words seem to resonate with them.  Six months ago, I vowed that I would attempt to take things a step further, at first as an endeavor of narcissism and later as a project of deep conviction with the intent of furthering discourse on an often misunderstood topic.

You may have noticed a new page at the top of the blog.   Yes, cherished reader, I have written a manuscript.  I am unsure for how long that I can make the manuscript available as should it see the light of day in publishing circles, I will invariably have to take it down.  But, for now, it is my gift to you although it may only be viewed through this site.  A labor of love, it is intended to give a completely uncensored account of the condition as I have experienced it.  No details except the names of my acquaintances are false in any way.  A small part of me wanted to delay showing this work to anyone as it would require me to leave the safety of the shadows.  Once again, if I am to be sincere with my desire for discourse, then there is no alternative but to leave that safe corner.

I know that comparisons will be made between this work and the works of other authors, neurotypical and antisocial.  Honestly, those comparisons are not constructive.  What is, is that which you take away from this in particular.  I hope that you end up understanding the antisocial or yourself in a way that you never knew before.  And, if that happens, then biting this bullet is worth sailing the stormy seas once more.

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