Candle Flames … Psychopaths and Identity

Psychopaths have weak identities in general.  Our only constant is change.  We are chameleons and we wear the personalities of those around us.  I believe that the constant shapeshifting that we engage in leaves us with a very weak sense of identity.  We can state facts about our being but we cannot articulate who the underlying person actually is.  Our identities are like candle flames, dancing in the wind and ever-changing in color and shape.

The other night I spent a long time chatting with a reader of this blog.  They were as perplexed as I when it comes to my difficulty articulating my identity.  No, identity is not merely the recitation of facts.  It is something deeper and it eludes me in full.  They recommended that my identity is simply that of constant change.  My identity is a lack of stable identity.  My identity is ever-changing – and that, in and of itself, is identity.

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From my conversations with others (and my own experiences), psychopaths tend not to be loyal people.  Nearly all interpersonal matters are selfish in nature for us.  What have you done for me now?  What are you doing for me soon?  We are amnesiac, and the benefits of the past mean little if an acquaintanceship is not producing in the present.

Our cold indifference as we strike those diseased in the now from our lives strikes many as callous and it should.  There is no empathic bond as we determine that the “best” of friends from the past are liabilities in the present.  It matters not that another may have helped us through great struggle or have been there through great triumph.  If a person is not producing – or worse, damaging – in the present, they are often shown the door by the psychopath.  It’s not personal usually, it’s merely a consequence of the self-centered choosing the soil that is best for growth in the moment.

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One of the most unsatisfying aspects of the psychopathic condition is the ennui that is present as a result.  Everything is tedious and relatively little satisfies for more than mere moments.  No sense of accomplishment is enough to fuel the megalomania.  No thrill is enough to relieve the boredom.  Nothing is measurable in terms of enduring satisfaction.   When others say they are bored, they often mean that they merely wish to read a book or do some other activity than that which they are currently engaged in.  No, psychopathic “boredom” is much worse.  There seems to be literally nothing to fill the void of our minds’ creation.

I am determined to gain something from this life however.  I’m not one to race toward the worm-riddled wooden box at the end of this life.  I’m in no hurry to leave even if I have little reason to stay.  So, I’ve been left to find a purpose for this life: something that excites and something worthy of my own deep-seated narcissism.  And, maybe I’ve found that purpose if only I can realize it.

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New Site Functionality

I have added chat functionality to the site so that readers can chat with each other (or me) regarding psychopathic issues.  You will need to register for a unique user name to chat by.

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Bloody Passion Play … Psychopaths and Sentencing

I mentioned in the final post of the Psychopaths and Therapy arc that there were potential consequences of having a formal assessment of psychopathy.  In the 1980s and 1990s in Texas, the consequences were especially severe – even if the diagnosis was not made through formal means.  I implore all of my psychopathic brethren to keep in mind that restraint is key as the legal system is all but guaranteed to drop its hammer with a ferocity that most cannot comprehend.  Why?  All because you are psychopathic … or believed to be psychopathic.

It was a dark time for violent criminals in Texas during the time period mentioned above.  Yes, many of the criminals that I speak of were unequivocally guilty of murder and other violent crimes, but they still deserved their due process.  However, they would not get it.  You see, their paths to sentencing lay through one man, Dr. Death himself.

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