Transition and the Transgender Psychopath (Part 2)

I detailed the effects on my mood related to transitioning in my previous post.  Estrogen brought unwelcome swings to my psyche, but it also brought a valuable, but intangible, benefit as well.  Having lived with an outward presentation from either dominant gender, I’ve gained invaluable insight as to what it means to pass as “normal”.  This knowledge would be instrumental in determining how to proceed once I received my fateful assessment of psychopathy a few years later.

You see, people are very naive.  I learned very quickly – early in transition – that people often see what they want to see unless there is undeniable evidence to the contrary.  I may have shoulders broader than that of a typical female and a voice marred by years of smoking, but my outward feminine appearance was more than enough to convince most that I was cisgendered.  The ignored all of the signs that could reveal contradiction.  I quickly picked up on their ignorance and continue, to this day, to use it to my advantage.

So what does this have to do with psychopathy?  Everything.  I would enter my fifth year of living as a woman before I received my fateful diagnosis, but the lessons that I learned while transitioning have made me a much “better” psychopath.  Just as people ignore the signs – or are otherwise ignorant – of contradiction before their eyes regarding sex/gender congruence, they due the same when presented with someone who is callous, without empathy, and without conscience.  They see things as aberrations from the “norm” when my mask slips.  They think that I must be tired, or sick, or grumpy, or any number of forced conclusions rather than see the contradiction of the image I present with that of my natural state.

I believe that the dysphoria that I had earlier in life was a blessing.  It forced me to pick up on the simplicity of other human beings and how to exploit that simplicity.  I could not have appreciated nor conjured the tactics that I use to “pass” as a neurotypical in the present had I not learned how to do the same with my incongruence that should have been visible to all.  Yes, being transgender may be awfully inconvenient, but it has given me knowledge and insight into the minds of others that most cisgender people will never know.  I need not wear a cloak when none can seem to remember the face that I present.


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  1. Brett says

    high testosterone is correlated with mercury poisoning as mercury binds to it. that’s why more ASD people are boys than girls. get rid of the testosterone, you get rid of the mercury, which causes mood disorders. this is why lupron is used for ASD and transgender people. the american medical association is using psychopathic smear campaigns on anyone who uncovers this information. i, however, cannot deny it because it happened to me and i got better from mercury detox. i now have empathy and feel at home in my body. i used to be borderline. do you have silver dental fillings? were you vaccinated? even “mercury-free” vaccines contain mercury. several labs have confirmed this to be the case. please look at andrew hall cutler’s research, a princeton educated PhD chemist.

  2. Miss Kim says

    Being born intersexed, I find there are times when I understand women and men and other times I don’t understand either one. I have to take lower quantities hormones than the person in question.

    Having dealt with many antisocial personality types at work, I’m not surprised at all that those feelings have not been changed or reformulated. Not only is being a psychopath a key aspect of a personality, but it deals with the absence of emotions. It’s pretty hard to change a negative.

    People look at different things as gender markers. One person might look at just shoulder width and others might fixate on hair and fingernails. But there’s no rulebook. And, it’s part of the reason the transgender people find it so difficult to manage.

    Passing as a transgender person is difficult, because we have to do it as adults not as junior high girls where mistakes are expected.

    Projecting confidence is the key to a transgender person passing.

  3. Lester says

    Are you sure people are not just letting you pass, because it’s less trouble than dealing with the tantrum of a confronted psychopath?

    The psychopath in my life seems to think he is fooling and manipulating everyone, and we let him. He’s happier that way, and we can all get on with life.

    • Anathema says

      It is certainly possible.

      I do believe that the naivety of most people is great, however. Maybe they can see that something is “off,” but I think that few would actually equate cracks in the mask with a condition as “grave” as psychopathy.

      • Anonymous says

        The fact is the naively of the world isn’t as you think it is, part of the illusion to the game is that you have somehow outsmarted those foolish other people. My brother now claims to be transgender but his whole entire psychological makeup has only proven to create drama and trauma to make sure he has the most intense story to tell. The most to overcome. The illness, recreates his past and needs the sympathy of others; almost as though the sympathy is a science project and something of pleasure. He has gone through phases of extreme religion, of extreme hate, of being with a woman of the opposite race, to being with a woman for cultish reasons, to this. It is conniving and the world around him knows it. We just are sad for him that he feels he must be that way to survive. Your post was very insightful, thank you for being honest enough to share.

  4. beneficii says

    Me, I don’t pass, and not wanting to be the stereotypical “tranny”, with the clothes out-of-kilter and the mismatch between the hip width and shoulder width being emphasized, I tend to wear cruddy looking jeans and T-shirts. I prefer to be a blank slate upon which others may project themselves rather than assert anything through my appearance and mannerisms. I find that things work best this way.

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