Two posts today as the first one, Painkiller, was a free-write.

I get a good feel for the discussions regarding ASPD and sociopathic individuals that goes on over on my tumblr.   Searching ‘ASPD’ and ‘sociopath’ tags on tumblr is generally enough to make me claw my eyes out, but on occasion there are jewels to be found – which I do share with my followers over there.  The latest, and mind-boggling, trend that I’ve noticed as of late,  is that many neurotypicals are coming out of the woodwork to make sure that we are humanized.

I’ve said before that sociopaths, in particular and in general, are not as the media tends to portray us.  I hope that my words are not misunderstood, however.  I am not implying that bloodthirsty lions are to be viewed as harmless kittens.  I am merely suggesting that in order for true discourse to be had, the hyperbolic views that are had need to come down a few notches.  There is a difference between the respect and appreciation of disease and widespread panic due to misinformation.

This is what confuses me most about NTs that want to paint with watercolor that which should be in black ink.  In an age where multiculturalism is running rampant, I believe that we often find ourselves trying to portray everything as merely differences in perspective.  I understand that such a sentiment by others is to my advantage, but, at the same time, it is quite belittling.  There may not be a legitimate reason to go and put bullets in every lion’s skull, but at the same time you would be insane to walk up to one and pet it.  If you think that bringing a penknife to a firefight is sufficient, then you probably should reevaluate your perspective – not others’.




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