I’m sorry honey, but your hopes and dreams are not going to be realized.  Life is the punchline to a cosmic joke and the only certainty that any of us will ever know is decomposition and oblivion.  You can wish for anything you’d like but odds are you don’t have the guts to take the steps you need and, if you do, there will always be people like me that are the gatekeepers between fallacy and fortune.

The truth is, very few will make anything of their lives here on this earth.  There are limited resources and most simply do not have either the drive or the worthiness to make their stories heard and their accomplishments worth anything more than the circle jerk babble that the sacred circle utters to keep themselves sane at night.

No, you are as meaningless as the billions of others who have no names to their deeds and no memories of their accomplishments.  Even if you have a story worth being immortalized, there will always be those in power with the ability to judge whether your dreams – be it business, family, or any other legacy – are worth the parchment your words are printed on.  They will extinguish your hopes and dreams with as much concern as one would show the cockroach flattened under my boot heel.  And they will do this because you will not show the teeth that this accidental existence has given you.

If you want to avoid oblivion, you must rise up and take what is yours.  You must eschew notions of fairness and integrity and go for the throat.  Make yourself known and destroy those that stand in your way.  Use words if you can, but a knife when you must.  The alternative is to decay and go voiceless into the putrid, vomit-filled night.


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