Recap – January / February 2014

Given my relative lack of posting in January, I’m combining January and February into one recap.  As usual, this is a selection of 5-9 posts from the recap period that either I or my readership found interesting.

Bait and Switch – A post on how many of us drop our masks once the interpersonal relationships we’ve created have solidified.

Shattered – Every time our mask cracks, we must do damage control.

Naive – Neurotypicals will often ignore all evidence to the contrary in order to avoid confronting a perceived demon head on.

D.I.Y. – Only as individuals can we ensure our freedom and our standing in society.  Psychopaths do not get a free pass due to their condition.

Wildfire – Ambiguity is to the psychopath’s advantage.

Godlike – We have the power to create and destroy.  Sometimes we forget another option: ambivalent restraint.

Worms – What purpose is there for the psychopath?

Antivenom – All interactions take two (or more).  The other can leave if the fire of the psychopath burns too hot.

Targeted Indifference – Why waste effort on larger group dynamics and advances if there is no benefit to the individual?

Targeted Indifference

I’ve always found it terribly difficult to appreciate the struggles of others.  I know that, in modern theory, this often means that I am taking my privilege for granted, but I suspect that my lack of empathy and extreme self-centeredness make such unavoidable.  However, my opportunistic tendencies would suggest that I play on the discourse that benefits me most.  I’ll say the words that will align me “correctly” with those groups that seek relief from their strife, but ultimately I do not care about anyone other than myself.

Those ideologies that benefit me are not worthy of my action, however.  Possibly on a large scale, such efforts can cause gradual change, but, at the individual level, there is little benefit to be had for the energy required to contribute to that larger scale.  I am not one to lend my efforts to a larger mass if my individual effort is not alone to create change.  Along these lines, marching in “sex-positive” parades or contributing to the funeral possessions on the Transgender Day of Remembrance, are pointless to a person as self-centered as myself.  The reward, even if it did exist, is not shaped by one person.  It takes a mass to create change and so long as everyone does not share the mindset that I do, change (or a lack thereof) will reach its inevitable conclusion.  I want the benefit without the effort.

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Stray Cats and Empathy

It’s really cold outside and there is this stray cat in my neighborhood that I haven’t seen in a few days.  I hope someone rescued her because she’s so pretty.
I overheard the above at work this morning.  Aside from the absurdity that someone would waste their energy over a stray animal, this highlights the fact that empathy is often conditional.  Only if a certain level of “worthiness” is met will a neurotypical project their empathy.  And, even then, often they will not do anything with it, choosing to let someone else come through with actions to alleviate the suffering of others.  Maybe this is why so few have empathy for those that possess none?
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I do not possess conscience.  I have no value judgement toward such a fact.  I think that it would be foolish to categorically state that the absence of a conscience is better than the presence of one.  The naive might presume that the difference between presence and absence is merely a focus on whether society should be held first or the individual when an action must favor one to the detriment of another.  Such an approach forgets that humans have free will and that conscience is merely a suggestion, not a decree.

I may not have the internal discussion that others find automatic when it comes to making choices regarding benefit at the expense of others or sacrifice at the expense of myself, but I am not required to always choose the former.  The analogue is that those who possess conscience need not always pick actions that lead to a pro-social outcome.  People can choose to act on their perspective or not.

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I’m sorry honey, but your hopes and dreams are not going to be realized.  Life is the punchline to a cosmic joke and the only certainty that any of us will ever know is decomposition and oblivion.  You can wish for anything you’d like but odds are you don’t have the guts to take the steps you need and, if you do, there will always be people like me that are the gatekeepers between fallacy and fortune.

The truth is, very few will make anything of their lives here on this earth.  There are limited resources and most simply do not have either the drive or the worthiness to make their stories heard and their accomplishments worth anything more than the circle jerk babble that the sacred circle utters to keep themselves sane at night.

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