Blood By Chance … Respect By Choice

I am not terribly close to much of my family.  Part of this is my unwillingness to get close to anyone and part of this is due to their treatment of me in the past.  When my parents found out that I am transgender, for instance, I was disowned for nearly five years.

I know that I have a different view of interpersonal relationships than most.  I value what the relationship brings me and, these days, am very honest about what I am willing to bring to the table for the other person(s) involved.  If there is not benefit to me, then I do not stick around long.  If there is benefit, I will ensure that the other(s) involved get enough from me to make sure that such a relationship is worthwhile to them as well.

No relationship is sacred to me.  There is no logic in keeping those around that are active drains on my well being.   As such, not even family is guaranteed to remain in my good graces.  Family is a mere product of chance.  Family is a relationship that one is born into.  I do not see the logic in conferring automatic respect and adoration simply because we share blood.

From the pieces that I have gathered, it sounded like a relative was trying to steal money from my mother.  I am not particularly attached to either, but I recognize bad behavior when I see it.  I asked my brother what his thoughts were and he simply responded, “Yeah, it is a scum deal, but I can’t think ill of him (the relative); he’s blood.”  Such a view simply does not compute.

I have ended interpersonal relationships before at the second that they no longer provide value to me.  I will end many more for the same reasons.  It simply will never make sense why some relationships are considered sacred even when there is evidence to the contrary.  Blood is by chance, my respect is by choice.

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