One of the keys to success in life is to know the rules of the game.  Once you know the rules, you can use them to exert dominance over others.  I know how people tick even if I can’t feel their emotional responses via empathy.  I usually know their motivations as most people have a mask thinner than paper when they want something.  I know how to use the knowledge of their workings to exert control over them.  Sometimes force does the trick; sometimes a more clever mindfuck is in order.  We psychopaths, if nothing else, are good at control via domination and manipulation.  Ultimately, she who exerts control holds all the cards.

Sometimes fear is a great method for control.  My family does not know of my official diagnosis, but I don’t think this observation applies only to the psychopath.  When I visit, they quickly realize that I am best left alone and that when I speak, they best listen.  I do not waste my time with their idiotic chatter nor in their politics.  I have created a mask of indifference to them and assertion of my own will that causes them to bend to my will.  If I need something, they will quickly respond and if they try to fight back, they quickly acquiesce.  It is a very one-sided relationship built on force.  They fear me but they do not know why.  Sometimes this is the best kind of fear – it makes it difficult to be painted in a negative light if your toys cannot pinpoint exactly what makes them uncomfortable.

Other times, a well placed psychological attack is wonderful for ascertaining control.  I would do this with acquaintances from the past.  I would belittle them, demean them, and denigrate them until I was the only one that could help them.  Like wounded animals, they would come back seeking any refuge from the damage done.  Sometimes the tactics are much more subtle.  I would convince them that those around them cared little about them and that only I saw their true worth.  I would become a trusted ally even if I was the one to break down their esteem.  The wounded animal can be dangerous, but the wounded human is ripe for the picking.

Control is very important.  I trust no one because I realize that others could be playing the same game that I am.  If I do not trust them, I must have control over them to make sure that they do not cross the boundary line into my space.  Of course, there are methods for dealing with such insolence, but ideally it is better to have another where I want them at all times.

1950s Sitcom

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