Only one thing is certain in life.  Each breath we take is one breath closer to our expiration. One day we will cease and the only remnants of us will be our bones and the memories others hold of us.  With this in mind, why do so many act passive in this life?  This may be all we’ve got, so why not go all out and reach for the stars?  Why show restraint if restraint will only limit us?  I prefer to approach life as a constant game to be won, with every minute being especially valuable.  So long as I can guarantee my freedom, I will use any means necessary in order to get the most out of this life.

I think the psychopath is better equipped to, objectively, get the most out of our short existence.  Granted, the subjective frame may be fuzzier as we are often bored and need stimulation, but we are, generally, more easily able to get the most out of life because we do not hold ourselves back with concerns of morality or conscience.  Whereas non-sociopaths are often hesitant to act in a dramatic fashion in order to advance up the chain of life, we are not.  Furthermore, our impulsiveness means that we do not hesitate to act in the moment so long as there is an immediate reward.  Granted, this same impulsiveness often means the reaper may not be far behind, but so long as we’re ahead of them, we are constantly achieving and ‘going for it’ whereas others are fine living their drab and meaningless lives.

Ask yourself the following question:  do you let your own hesitation and the treatment of others hold you back from the life you want to live?  Or do you break free of social expectations and of the future in order to make sure that this momentary life is as rewarding as possible?  Most psychopaths, I suspect, have no problem doing the latter.  We can use others for our own gain.  We can shift from mask to mask to ensure that we always have the upper hand with those we meet.  We are constantly seeking advantage and, generally, could care little about the resulting disadvantages that others may suffer.  Ultimately, this must be the way to live life.  Father time is waiting and he’s not exactly letting us know how many grains are left in his hourglass.

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