One of the greatest gifts of psychopathy is the ability to not take things personally.  Life is one big game with winners and losers and the psychopath realizes that she may lose at times.  She may inflict a whirlwind of destruction on those around her, but she realizes that may be the recipient of such actions as well.  This is not to say that we are apathetic robots, immune to feelings of grandiosity or of vengeance, but I find that we are less apt to get wrapped up in arbitrary feelings of morality in our interactions with others.  We do not judge and we realize that just as we may wrong others, we ourselves may be wronged.

My auto was vandalized the other night.  The damage itself was not too severe, but nonetheless it did take a beating.  Whereas others would have immediately flown into rage or shown some other deep psychological or physiological response, I just sized up the damage and calmly took in it all.  I felt no need to call the police or to seek vengeance against whoever did that.  Maybe if it had been a newer auto?  Maybe if it reduced my ability to get around?  But, as it was, it was merely cosmetic damage to an item that holds no real personal meaning to me.

A friend of mine was incredulous that I was being so nonchalant about the whole thing.  He would have called the cops, if only, to try and have the person who did such a thing punished for their actions.  I simply did not feel the need.  We all do evil, or wrong, on a regular basis.  What use is there in punishing one another over the more mundane acts of villainy? So many times I have done wrong in my life for my own personal satisfaction or even for the fuck of it.  Should I not allow the same for someone else?  If anything it is hard to get worked up over actions that I may have easily committed at some point in my life.

I do not believe in karma, but this philosophy is as close I can come to believing in something so irrational without actually believing in it.  I can bring destruction and suffering and I realize that.  I  also realize that others can, and will, do the same.  Because I know my own motivations when I do such, I am less prone to moralizing similar actions of others.  While I do not expect to be wronged simply because I myself do wrong, I do not take being wronged personally, in general.  The non-psychopath would be up in arms if someone wronged her even if she herself did heinous things.  The psychopath realizes that it is nothing personal; it is simply human beings expressing human desires.  Life is one game and there will be winners and losers.  We psychopaths hope to always win, but we are not so deluded as to think we can never lose.  I realize that maybe I could have gotten the vandal into trouble with the law.  However, I also realize that he could have been me.


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